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1.RuneScape Subscription fees increase in 2015[ 12-01-2014 ]

The British studio Jagex has now decided to an unusual step in the MMORPG industry. In the first quarter of 2015, the subscription fees for new players of RuneScape (RS) should increase and provide more financial strength.If you want to enjoy a good online game is now before the election, whether th...

2.Closing The Latin version of RuneScape in Spanish[ 11-08-2014 ]

The Latin version of RuneScape in Spanish is no longer available.The website link in Spanish was removed from the home page. Those who want to access it will be redirected to the English version of the game.Again, we thank you immensely for the support they have given us since the launch of RuneScap...

3.Runescape from spectral tissue harvesting[ 10-23-2014 ]

Point pumpkin at Jagex for RuneScape Halloween vent but ghosts. It also sticks to the season and it will be held from October 24 to November 3. Basically it will have to start this weekend and do not miss the boat to enjoy it fully. Indeed, during this vent, Jagex allows players to collect spectral ...

4.RuneScape it haunts Grim Reaper[ 10-22-2014 ]

The Halloween event in the MMORPG RuneScape has begun.Time in the week before Halloween starts in the free online role-playing game RuneScape a new event in which you have literally facing death. It needs your help to get rid of unwelcome guests.To the annoying pest to master one you need to Ghostbu...

5.Halloween Event At the gates of Death[ 10-21-2014 ]

At the gates of Death is the Halloween event this year, and you can start playing in RuneScape from this very moment.Death helps repel ghosts that have invaded his home. To avoid dying of fright and banish the ghosts, you must use a specialized Ghostbusters team.Earn points and trophies that you can...

6.Jagex announces new game RuneScape Legends[ 10-18-2014 ]

Fans of trading card games can prepare for the premiere Chronicle: RuneScape Legends next year.Jagex, the creators recognized-MMORPG fantasy game RuneScape, October 11 at Tobacco Dock in London revealed Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. This is a collectible card game set in the magical world of Gielino...

7.Great revelations of RuneScape[ 10-17-2014 ]

Does the mod summary by Mark on the future of the game on the main stage of RuneFest were lost? Fear not: if the left eye wink and stay standing on one leg in the position of the crane while taking a look at a crystal ball can also find out about all our amazing plans for 2015.Or they could continue...

8.Jagex announced card game Chronicle Legends of RuneScape[ 10-15-2014 ]

Jagex has with Chronicle: RuneScape Legends announced a new title. The Card Game is to appear in 2015 for PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. The title will be located in the famous RuneScape universe.Jagex has officially announced a new game recently. The new card game goes by the working title Chron...

9.Ankle ghosts and beasts between 121 Racks[ 10-11-2014 ]

You voted for it!Come the new and improved loot tables for beasts and ghosts!In Between Video Racks today Deg mod explains everything there is to know about this new content full of rewards, including new shooters boots and a way to tune the ectoplasmador.If you enjoyed today's video, subscribe ...

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