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Between Racks October 2014 [ 10/06/2014 ]

Despite being madly organizing the RuneFest 2014, we still have time for some amazing updates.

Get ready for a mission and a creepy Halloween event, summoned creatures smarter, better boots beasts and ghosts, and an Ironman challenge in true style.This October comes loaded with new features!

Ironman Mode

Players members and non-members

Have you ever wondered how far you could get on RuneScape without anyone's help? No exchanges, no votes multiplayer minigames without Relic Hunter, Cast no loot, no gifts from friends ... In that case, Ironman is for you!

Ironman is a new way of playing RuneScape devised by the community, but now has the support of Jagex officially.

It is about being fully self-sufficient, to win or do whatever you use to play. You will have the opportunity to create a new account and activate it as the Ironman. This way you'll have to fend for yourself, and know that everything you get will only be thanks to you.

If you want to further increase the level of difficulty, our Ironman Hardcore mode includes a mechanical permanent death and two chances to extend the challenge. After which, the game is over.

There are new leaderboards for each of the new modes, so you can show off your achievements to the whole world!

For more information on the Ironman mode, check out the mod Pips posting in forums (in English), look at the BTS video 119:

Family smarter

Members only players

Mod Chris L and the team have been busy improving the way we behave summoned creatures in the game, which resulted in more intelligent and useful than before family.

Now participate in combat immediately, and will continue fighting until orders them otherwise. You will defend if you get some kind of seizure while you're busy with other things, may store your own scrolls, and you can even tell you how often to use them.

We also improve the way in which the invocation loaded helmets work, improving the side panel of Invocation and adding a button "give all" beasts of burden.

Those are just some of the new enhancements, so make sure you try them all together with your favorite relatives.

Updates table booties

Players members and nonmembers

Through a survey conducted earlier this year, the community told us that ghosts and beasts needed better boots. Since this month is much talk of ghosts, we found the right time to perform this update.

Were re-balance all tables booties ghosts and beasts to make them more interesting and valuable. The objectives of Extermination high level were the lucky ones, especially the legendary black beasts.

Even you can purchase new boots shooter, and possibly with a few updates for some ghostly special tools ... but more on that later.

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