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Great revelations of RuneScape [ 10/17/2014 ]

Does the mod summary by Mark on the future of the game on the main stage of RuneFest were lost? Fear not: if the left eye wink and stay standing on one leg in the position of the crane while taking a look at a crystal ball can also find out about all our amazing plans for 2015.

Or they could continue reading ...

Change the World

RuneScape is no longer exclusively of what makes Jagex. This is what we all ... including you! Our collective consciousness is what is shaping some time to Gielinor, so we invite you to change the world in 2015.

In 2014, we tried to give them the ultimate power to you, the players, and the fact is that as much influence on a lot of things we did last year. This year we want to take this a little further interaction. Next year we want you to be authors, take decisions and architects of all this. The forums are full of great suggestions, and we want to launch a system that will make these ideas, their ideas become reality.


Our idea is simple, and decided to call it "RuneLabs".

We created a new system that will allow them to propose their ideas for all the world to see. Each of the ideas in the system will have a button "Support" they can use to communicate whether or not they liked the idea. Thus, we can review and examine popular ideas for possible future development.

Then, we will survey the best ideas and make them know how we develop them, and how much effort will.

Do not worry, we do not add anything to the old game, do not fundamental to the essence of this change and do not add anything to break it. Even with the above plan, we have guidelines to follow to preserve the essence of good health and long term RuneScape, ensuring that the game we all know and love will last even another 13 years.

YOU depend on the choice of those ideas which we will include in the game by voting in the polls next month. Basically, we are using what we already had Power to the player and polishing it to make it even better and that decisions depend even more of the community.
No need to be designers to bring ideas: take even the most basic, and fill in holes as they are being polished. It could be a photograph, a video, a text line ... anything! Do not forget to have several tools to convey these ideas, such as forums, guild mates and friends. They can help their ideas are more widely.

Next year, half of the program will be dedicated to you and your ideas! We will focus on publishing a monthly update based on your suggestions, and can potentially increase the number of these updates later.

So put on your thinking cap!

The team of community development

We have many more to announce to highlight how amazing the community. The following is ...

The development team of the community.

Although we still have a name for them that is as alluring as the ninja, their work does not cease to be just as important! This team was created to improve the social and communication with the community, so they are devoted to inventing fun and engaging content that may be combined with events. In addition, they also think of even more fantastic oriented than before, designed to be compatible with community events throughout the year events updates. All based on your suggestions!

Work closely with the management team of the community, and will be responsible for keeping them informed about what is happening in Jagex, how they progress the ideas suggested by the players, and also to provide a clear and from within what is what we are doing. We want to help them with their broadcasts, podcasts, Twitch channels, YouTube videos, and much, much more, providing our own tools. You are our ambassadors and we want to help them have fun with the game, and we want to support them with everything in our power to help them fulfill that goal.

What else is coming?

We know you are dying to know what else we plan to Gielinor during 2015, and the wait is finally over!

Next year comes a very important moment: the launch of the mission number 200! Conducted many adventures and heroics before arriving at this symbolic point representing the 200th mission We asked ourselves many things: What if there was no hero in Gielinor? What if no one had made the cake for the King's birthday? And if anyone had plans foiled a sea slug controlled penguins? What if it had known the truth behind the plague of Ardoña? What if tocinistas had finished with all the pigs to extinction?

Our mission 200th show you a completely different Gielinor who know. In this alternative world, Zemouregal is deeply boring. He took the throne by force of Varrock, and nobody tried to stop him. Realize that Arrav is not too good at catching balls in the air, and is not able to keep out the rats from the sewer, so captured the young cats Gertrudis and transformed into fearsome warrior beasts were given. Even with these, the beasts became lazy and gained a lot of weight.

What happened to Delrith? After the black magicians brought it to the world of RuneScape successfully sacked and demons Lumbridge and Draynor, Delrith made a cake with the bones of King Roald. Then he decided to transform the place where he lived in an evil lair, which he invited all the super villains of the world that will come to the site and play with people's lives. Furthermore, it is transforming its staff into zombies if they are wrong and pronounce his name incorrectly. We visit this alternative Gielinor where no hero never existed. They will find inside jokes, iconic references, and many characters as we are able to collect. Will they be able to save the world this time? Will they choose to side with peace and prosperity at the sight of so much misery?

The heist of Zamorak

Was wondering what was afoot Zamorak? Well, furious at his last defeat at the hands of Saradomin, he was hiding, plotting what would be his next move. Desiring to provide a last chance at redemption the Mahjarrat, wants to form a team, led by him, to steal the Stone of Jas and his revenge on the traitors who left him to die.

Who is part of that team? Well, that depends on you. Create surveys to decide which members will make up the team, whether they will be more funny or take it more seriously. As you prefer. What can you get all this Zaros? How Sliske react to anyone who wants to interrupt their diabolical schemes? Can show who they love and who hate, and perhaps join the largest criminal gang ever stepped on RuneScape.

The ancient gods

Stories about the Sixth Age is based on 3 main concepts. The line related to the history of stone Jas continue the mission of Zamorak heist, the story about the draconian began with "The End of lethargy," and the third story line will begin with the new mission, ancient deities.

We were told by the surveys did not want to discover the secrets of ancient deities too early, so we had that in mind.

In this mission, a well-known hero went crazy and stole a spell that can teleport the abyss Gielinor! Your job will be to form a group with their friends from the Tower of Magi and rune build a golem, a magical hound dog that can help them find their enemies in hidden places that are related to the ancient deities. Find out what they are doing the old gods, and why stole the spell, it will lead you quickly to the essence of truth.

This mission is to describe and analyze what is happening around you, and thus obtain information on these mysterious creators. However, they will still expect to meet in person with the ancient gods, knowing what you really want and what they plan to do with your world "perfect".

Christmas 2014

Who does not love Christmas ?! How would you like a place to practice snowboarding in RuneScape?

This Christmas will be launching a brand new mini-game for this season! In these games, called "Games Winter Gielinor", destroy, trample and leave behind its competitors making a run at a hill, carrying power gifts and presents while holding down full speed to victory.

Christmas surprises also have the size of a global event that will have to break up large groups of players to get to observe objects inside.

Player Ports: Expansion

There is a new update for the Ports Player. We know you want to have more things to do, and also want that this time, the emphasis on mobility, Dungeons and Divinisation.

We got into the forums to discuss what direction we should take with this topic, and one of the proposals was more attractive than the other! We were asked to explore unspoiled islands in the eastern lands, to access sea caves where dwell monsters, find hidden treasures and tombs, hidden even to the inhabitants of this land, and you might even find a few zombies!

Our intention is to add three new adventurous adventure allowing them to explore new directions, rather than take even longer journeys. There will still be a long-duration, do not worry. But the direction that we will take the time that is.

We also add new resources and rewards, to include later (potentially) port equipment such as weapons Melee and Magic level 85 also comes a host of improvements for Ports ninja, so it will be much easier to access and see how well your trip work. They can go to the forums and give us your ideas to see what can be improved.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Did you hear about the new game inspired by RuneScape? We created a card game in which you can create missions with characters, objects and enemies favorites RuneScape.

It will be available for tablets, phones and PC. And you know what is best of all? They may win cards that are used in the game while playing RuneScape!

What happened to ...?

We wanted to show how they would from within advancing our plans for the future and also make a summary on how they will operate the promises previously made. There are some things we did not start yet, the end of the day, we are human!

Read on to get an update on some of our projects presented previously.

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