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How do the RuneScape bonds work [ 09-26-2013 ]

Purchase good: player A buys a voucher via the Billing with Real with credit card or PayPal account money. The voucher can then be provided, exchanged or converted.

Don and exchange good: Player A and Player B agree to make an exchange, including the right in question. The voucher can be offered or traded against the resources or the money involved, the value of which has been decided in advance by both players.

Conversion of warrants: Player B can then use this coupon to get the subscription, parts of the roust of fortune or RuneCoins. It also has the possibility to exchange again with a player.

In such an exchange, it is entirely up to the players to determine the value of a voucher.

When you buy a good one, it can be exchanged between players. However, once the voucher was offered or exchanged at stake, it becomes non-exchangeable, which means he can not be traded with other players. If you want to exchange it again, you will have to pay a conversion fee equivalent to 10% of the value of the voucher at the Grand Market. We decided to introduce this tax on secondary trading to avoid inflation of the economy involved and excessive trade vouchers. Get cheap rs gold without voucher accounts.

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