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Jagex announces new game RuneScape Legends [ 10/18/2014 ]

Fans of trading card games can prepare for the premiere Chronicle: RuneScape Legends next year.

Jagex, the creators recognized-MMORPG fantasy game RuneScape, October 11 at Tobacco Dock in London revealed Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. This is a collectible card game set in the magical world of Gielinor. Players take on the boss known to RuneScape, as well as be able to fight with each other. Production will also create adventures using living books and cards together to develop the story.

- By the way we have worked from the beginning of the year - said James Sweatman, chief designer. - We want to make the game not only fun and interesting, but most of all build on the rich history of RuneScape. In the coming months, we will disclose further details of the same title, as well as its debut on tablets and smartphones.

- RuneScape is the basis for the success of our studio for 13 years. Thanks to the Chronicle: RuneScape Legends title will be enhanced even more. This is a very important step for Jagex, as we take a completely new game to "family RuneScape". Chronicle is our crowning achievement of 2014, in which a well-developed RuneScape - said Phil Mansell, Vice President of RuneScape.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends (it is worth noting that this is a working title) will hit the PC / Mac, tablets and mobile devices. The premiere is planned for next year.

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