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MMOs before Runescape on the world [ 10/03/2014 ]

Nine-and-a-half years ago, it was so far. With a big grin, I opened the packaging of a long-awaited computer game in our household, which I saw are. On four silver round slices my smile returned in mirror The marketing of the game industry at that time was still relatively in its infancy, but Blizzard had therefore needed the most ambitious Massive Multiplayer Online game hyping all time not a lot of resources; World of Warcraft would enchant gamers around the world and give an unprecedented legacy. But to have now, after almost ten years of continuous the many variants of this genre played it finally happened. I look tired MMO ...

Of course there were MMOs before WoW print on the world of both our planet as Azeroth left, but I found all just stupid. Games like Anarchy Online, Runescape, Ragnarok or Everquest never had the attraction to me who had their virtual descendants on me, because I felt aimless and too nerdy. Some also were more spreadsheet games than entertainment, so I do not have to. But World of Warcraft combined the best out of all his predecessors MMO and put it in a nice graphical then packing with great music and plenty of lore. The history of this giant pixel world was already in great detail plotted in Warcraft 1 to the last expansion of Warcraft 3, almost all of which enjoyed endless success in the years before.

After several years of fanatical game, interacting with other enthusiasts and the base game to have taken to me extensions time to agree to go look beyond masterpiece Blizzard came. In between, I gave other MMOs a pendulum, which include Age of Conan, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Aion, EVE Online, Star Trek, DC Universe, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XI and recently Wildstar . And they all had something unique, and yet it is not. The most striking and fun of all the MMOs I've played, besides the earth mother of the commercial Massively Multiplayer Online (WoW) are Age of Conan (due to the storyline, graphics and raw plug), Guild Wars 2 (why I no longer 've actually played is still a mystery to me), and last but not least Wildstar (because I think it is wonderful casual entertainment).

But beyond the mechanics, lore and graphics, there is still that one element in any MMO where publishers and development studios have little or no control, but it can make or break an experience; the community. And here comes my saturation of the genre from. In World of Warcraft, I was involved in some of the largest guilds in Europe, which were in the top 50 in terms of progression to end-game content. After that time was buget because I was running own businesses, and I led a huge social guild with casual raids and all that kind of posturing. In the beginning everything went into the MMO's still a game-chat, but then it was discovered soon TeamSpeak voice chat and similar programs that enable interaction was easier and experiences were more human. And at one point I was done with it.

Whether it is because of my age, or years of obligations that an MMO entails both "professional" as casual level, or to the fact that questing and dungeons run nowadays can be done even by a trained monkey or even Destiny games as an MMO may be called today or my growing hatred for other people; the porridge seems just. After 10 to 14 hours a day, I suddenly had no desire to socialize several hours to create. Trips The fact that I had children (JA, JA GOT!) Obviously helped too far from it. Recently I started to play solo of my first MMO love to see if there is a bit of fun to pick out falls. The inevitable happened naturally; I do not even, read the quests I am now busy with work or other things and I do not socialize with the guild nor the rest of the server. The porridge is just, and I do not think he ever will come good for me. The genre has done its thing, and seems out-evolved. A new groundbreaking MMO will never arise. But I stay there anyway to search. Tired, but yearning for the feeling I got when I step for the first time in Elwynn Forest or put for the first time Ragnaros fire extinguished all other guild friends. Find help me!

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