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RuneScape it haunts Grim Reaper [ 10/22/2014 ]

The Halloween event in the MMORPG RuneScape has begun.

Time in the week before Halloween starts in the free online role-playing game RuneScape a new event in which you have literally facing death. It needs your help to get rid of unwelcome guests.

To the annoying pest to master one you need to Ghostbusters equipment, which receive their collected for points and trophies. To get started you need to speak with Mampfer on magnetite in Burthorpe. This brings you into the house of the Grim Reaper, which is haunted scary.

Equipped with a Proto Pack makes her hunt for the ghosts, but beware of their damage in eight - This increases to a value of your fear display and lets you flee screaming at 100%, on the other hand you lose 20 reward points once again!

In order to protect you against the ghosts, you can equip yourself with chocolates, teddy bears and night lights, which give you some security in dark hours. If you diligently fighting the ghost, you can you end up with the title 'Ghost Hunter / in' decorate, get a Proto-Pack gesture and great experience lamps. After 50 displaced spirits there are even on it yet decorative customization options for the Proto Pack for daggers, battle claws and crossbows above.

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