A Diablo Con Los Guapos

Summary: “A diablo con los guapos” is a popular Mexican telenovela that has captured the hearts of many viewers. This romantic drama takes us on a journey through the lives of two brothers and their journey to finding love, navigating through family conflict and overcoming obstacles that threaten their happiness.

1. The Storyline

The show follows the story of two brothers, Milagros and Alejandro who come from a wealthy family. Milagros is an intelligent and headstrong young woman who is in love with Alejandro, but he is engaged to Viviana, who is self-absorbed and manipulative. Milagros decides to take destiny into her own hands and fight for Alejandro’s heart while tackling the numerous obstacles that stand in their way, including the secret surrounding their father’s death.

The show combines romance, drama, and comedy in equal measure, keeping the audience engaged throughout the series. It also portrays an aspirational lifestyle, with opulent settings, beautiful costumes, and exotic locations, adding to the allure of the show.

The compelling storyline of the telenovela has won over fans not just in Mexico but worldwide, particularly among Spanish-speaking communities who can identify with the themes of love and family values.

2. The Characters

The success of “A diablo con los guapos” wouldn’t have been possible without its wide array of memorable characters. Each character has their unique personality, and their storylines intertwine seamlessly with others.

Milagros, played by Allison Lozano, is the protagonist of the show. She is a fiery, determined, and intelligent young woman who fights for what she believes in. Her love interest, Alejandro, played by Eugenio Siller, is portrayed as a kind and generous man caught between following his heart and fulfilling his family’s expectations. Viviana, played by Maria Marcela, is the conniving ex-fiancé of Alejandro, who uses her beauty and cunning ways to manipulate those around her.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, including the eccentric grandmother, Macarena, played by Laura Flores, and the villainous Ursula, played by Sabine Moussier. The many compelling characters are part of what makes this telenovela so captivating and addictive.

3. The Music

“A diablo con los guapos” features a fantastic soundtrack that complements the show’s storyline. The full-length theme song, sung by Mexican singer K-Paz de la Sierra, is an excellent representation of the show’s style and theme.

The show also includes several other catchy tunes that are used to heighten the drama or emphasize the emotional moments on screen. The music adds another layer to the show, helping to immerse the audience in the experience of watching the show.

The show has become associated with its distinctive background music, and fans worldwide can recognize the tunes from the show at a glance.

4. The Success

Since its debut in 2007, “A diablo con los guapos” has enjoyed widespread success and recognition, not just from its fans but within the entertainment industry.

The show won several awards and nominations, including Best Actress(Allison Lozano) and Best Actor(Eugenio Siller) at the TVyNovelas Awards. It also had tremendous ratings and became one of the highest-rated telenovelas of its time, significantly boosting the careers of its lead actors.

The show’s popularity reached beyond Mexico, airing in over 40 countries worldwide, making it one of the most successful telenovelas exports from the country. The show has continued to have a significant impact on pop culture, with pop-up bars and themed parties inspired by the show becoming increasingly popular.

5. Legacy and Impact

“A diablo con los guapos” not only became a fan favorite but also set a new standard for Mexican telenovelas. It’s unique and refreshing storyline, memorable characters, and fantastic music have influenced many modern-day telenovelas, inspiring writers and producers to create something different in this highly competitive genre.

The show’s success helped to further expose the works of Mexican filmmakers to a global audience, showcasing the quality of Mexican content to the world.

A decade after its release, “A diablo con los guapos” is still considered a classic within its genre, continually attracting a new generation of viewers who were not alive during the show’s initial airing. It has become an iconic part of Mexican television history and will always hold a special place in the hearts of its fans.


In conclusion, “A diablo con los guapos” is a beloved telenovela that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Its compelling storyline, memorable characters, fantastic music, and massive success have cemented its place in Mexican television history. Though the show ended over ten years ago, it continues to draw in new fans, thanks to its timeless story of love, family, and overcoming obstacles.

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