All Enemies In Sons Of The Forest

Summary: Sons of the Forest is an upcoming sequel to the horror game The Forest. The game is set in a dense forest where players must survive by gathering resources, building shelters, and defending themselves against hostile creatures. In this article, we will explore all the enemies present in Sons of the Forest.

1. Mutants

Mutants are the main antagonists in Sons of the Forest. They are mutated versions of humans that have been affected by the mysterious disease that spreads throughout the forest. There are several types of mutants in the game, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities.

The standard mutant is the most common type, and it can be found wandering around the forest in small groups. These mutants are agile and quick, making them difficult to catch or hit with ranged weapons. They also possess great strength, making them a significant threat in combat.

The Armsy mutant is another common type of enemy, and it is significantly larger and stronger than its standard counterpart. It has multiple arms that it can use to attack players, and it is incredibly resilient to damage.

2. Wildlife

The forest is also home to a variety of wildlife that can pose a threat to players. Wolves, bears, and cougars are all present in the game, and they can be deadly if not dealt with carefully. These animals are particularly dangerous at night when visibility is reduced, and their attacks can come unexpectedly.

Players must be careful when exploring the forest, as they may unknowingly stumble upon a pack of wolves or a territorial bear. Hunting these animals can provide players with valuable resources, such as meat and skins, but it can also put them in danger.

In addition to these natural predators, the forest is also home to a variety of smaller creatures such as rabbits, squirrels, and birds. While these animals do not pose a direct threat to players, they can be hunted for food or used as bait for traps.

3. Cannibals

Cannibals are another enemy type in Sons of the Forest. They are humans that have turned to cannibalism as a means of survival in the infected forest. Like mutants, there are several types of cannibals with varying abilities and strengths.

The common cannibal is the most basic type and can often be found in groups patrolling the forest. These cannibals are quick and agile, but they lack the strength and resilience of mutants. They can be taken down with relative ease if players are careful and strategic in their approach.

The painted cannibal is a more dangerous variant that is covered in war paint and wears a skull as a helmet. They are stronger and faster than their common counterparts, and they are often accompanied by other cannibals or mutants.

4. Mutated Animals

In addition to the standard wildlife, Sons of the Forest also introduces mutated versions of some animals. For example, the crocodile in the game is much larger and more aggressive than its real-world counterpart, making it a much greater threat to players.

Similarly, the bats in the game have become infected and mutated, making them aggressive and more dangerous. These animals can attack players in large swarms, making them difficult to avoid or fight off.

Players must be careful when exploring caves or other areas where these mutated animals may reside, as they can easily overwhelm an unprepared player.

5. The Mysterious Beast

In trailers and promotional materials for Sons of the Forest, a mysterious beast has been teased. Very little is known about this creature, but it is believed to be a significant threat to players. Some speculate that it might be a boss enemy or an end-game goal for players to defeat.

Whatever its purpose may be, the mysterious beast has generated a lot of excitement and speculation among fans of the game.

Players must be on the lookout for clues and information regarding this creature as they play through Sons of the Forest.


Sons of the Forest promises to be a challenging and thrilling game for horror fans. With a variety of enemies to face and locations to explore, players will be kept on their toes as they navigate the treacherous forest. From mutants and cannibals to mutated animals and a mysterious beast, there is no shortage of challenges to overcome in this game.

Players must be strategic in their approach to each enemy type and constantly adapt to new situations if they hope to survive and thrive in the infected forest. Sons of the Forest is set to release in 2021, and fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Lastly, we suggest players play with caution and remember to save often so that they can enjoy the thrill and passion that the game brings without any worries.

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