All Items In Sons Of The Forest

Summary: Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror game that has generated a lot of excitement among gamers due to its stunning visuals, eerie atmosphere, and engaging gameplay. In this article, we will explore all the items that will be available in the game and how they can be used to survive in the wilderness.

1. Basic survival tools

In Sons of the Forest, players will have to scavenge for basic survival tools such as hatchets, knives, and ropes. These items will be essential for building shelter, starting a fire, and hunting animals for food. The hatchet will also be useful for chopping down trees, which can be used for constructing structures, crafting weapons, and creating traps. The knife will come in handy for skinning animals for their meat and using their hides for clothing and shelter.

Additionally, ropes will be used to climb steep cliffs, traverse through hazardous areas, and set up snares to catch small game. These basic survival tools will be essential for players to get started in the game and stay alive in the dangerous wilderness.

Once players have gathered an adequate supply of these tools, they can start exploring the game’s vast open world, searching for resources and encountering various hazards and obstacles along the way.

2. Weapons and combat equipment

As players progress through the game, they will encounter more dangerous predator animals and hostile human enemies. To defend themselves, players will need to collect a variety of weapons and combat gear, including guns, bows, arrows, and explosive devices.

Guns will be effective for taking out large predators from a distance, while bows and arrows will be useful for stealth kills and taking down game for food. Explosive devices, such as grenades and molotov cocktails, will be useful for blowing up enemy structures and taking out groups of enemies at once.

In addition to weapons, players will also be able to craft and wear different kinds of armor to protect themselves during combat. Different types of armors will offer different levels of protection, but they will also slow down the player’s movement and make them more visible to enemies.

3. Medical supplies and crafting materials

Injuries and illnesses will be a constant threat to players in Sons of the Forest. Players must keep an adequate supply of medical supplies such as bandages, antibiotics, and painkillers to stay healthy and recover from injuries. These medical supplies can be found in various locations throughout the game world, such as first-aid kits, medical facilities, and dispensaries.

In addition to medical supplies, players will also need to collect a variety of crafting materials such as cloth, metal, and chemicals to craft new items and structures. These materials can be gathered by scavenging abandoned buildings, mining resources from caves, and harvesting plants and animals. Crafting new items will be essential for surviving in the wilderness, constructing new structures, and upgrading existing tools and equipment.

Players can also trade their excess items and resources with other survivors they meet along the way to acquire rare items and weapons that are not available in the game’s standard loot tables.

4. Gadgets and technology

Sons of the Forest will feature a variety of gadgets and technological tools that can help players navigate the environment, avoid hazards, and discover new areas. These gadgets include GPS devices that show the player’s location on the map, night-vision goggles that allow players to see in the dark, and radio communication devices that can be used to contact other survivors and gain valuable intel about the game world.

Players will also be able to construct drones that can be used to scout out new areas, gather intelligence on enemy bases and movements, and even deliver payloads such as bombs or other items to specific locations. These drones will be essential for gaining a tactical advantage over enemy forces and exploring hard-to-reach areas.

Other technological tools that players can use include bio-scanners, which can detect radiations and toxic chemicals in the environment, and environmental analyzers that can provide detailed information about the terrain, weather, and other hazards in the game world.

5. Artefacts and powerful objects

Finally, Sons of the Forest will feature a variety of artefacts and powerful objects that have both religious and supernatural significance. These objects may include ancient relics, cursed idols, and magical artifacts that can help players in mysterious ways but also attract dangerous enemies and cause unforeseen consequences.

Players must tread carefully when encountering these objects and balance the risks against the rewards of acquiring them. Some artefacts may grant the player special abilities such as increased strength or healing powers, while others may unleash hordes of angry spirits or demonic creatures upon the player’s position.

Overall, Sons of the Forest promises to be an exciting and challenging survival horror game that will test the player’s skills, resourcefulness, and courage. With its vast open world, dangerous enemies, and wide array of items and equipment, this game is sure to provide hours of thrilling gameplay and immersive storytelling.


In summary, Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that offers a wide variety of items and equipment for players to collect and use in their quest to survive in the wilderness. From basic survival tools to advanced gadgets and powerful objects, this game has something for everyone. Whether you prefer stealthy tactics, explosive combat, or strategic planning, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your playstyle in Sons of the Forest.

So gear up, gather your friends, and get ready to explore a dangerous world full of mysteries, dangers, and unexpected challenges. In this game, only the strong will survive!

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