Amazon Diablo 2 Skill Tree

Summary: The Amazon in Diablo 2 is a versatile class that can be built in many different ways. The skill tree offers a range of options for players to create a unique character with a specific playstyle.

1. Bow Amazon

The Bow Amazon build focuses on ranged attacks and relies heavily on the bow and arrow. The skill tree for this build primarily consists of passive skills that increase damage, accuracy, and speed. Skills such as Critical Strike and Penetrate increase the chances of hitting and inflicting critical damage on enemies. Additionally, Inner Sight lowers enemy defense rating and Valkyrie provides a powerful companion to fight alongside the Amazon. The Bow Amazon build is effective for taking out enemies from a distance and is an excellent choice for solo play.

However, there are some drawbacks to this build. The Amazon’s defense is significantly lower compared to other classes, which makes her vulnerable to melee attacks. Also, certain immune monsters cannot be killed with physical damage, which limits the effectiveness of the Bow Amazon in certain situations.

2. Spear Amazon

The Spear Amazon build focuses on melee combat and utilizes javelins and spears. This build utilizes a combination of passive and active skills to provide both offensive and defensive capabilities. Critical Strike and Penetrate are still essential skills in this build, but players also invest in skills such as Dodge and Avoid to increase the Amazon’s chance of avoiding attacks. Lightning Strike provides a powerful AoE attack that can stun enemies while Plague Javelin inflicts poison damage. The Spear Amazon build is effective for taking out groups of enemies and is a popular choice for multiplayer games.

Similar to the Bow Amazon, this build has its weaknesses. The Spear Amazon has limited range compared to the Bow Amazon and is vulnerable to attacks from ranged enemies. Also, melee combat requires the Amazon to get close to enemies, which increases the risk of taking damage.

3. Hybrid Amazon

The Hybrid Amazon build is a combination of the Bow and Spear builds, utilizing both ranged and melee attacks to create a well-rounded character. This build invests points into skills from both skill trees, allowing the Amazon to switch between ranged and melee combat depending on the situation. The Valkyrie skill is still essential in this build for providing additional support in combat.

The Hybrid Amazon has a wider range of abilities compared to the Bow or Spear builds, but this also means that it takes longer to develop the build fully. Additionally, this build may require players to invest more points into Dexterity to make up for the lower damage output compared to the specialized builds.


The Amazon class in Diablo 2 offers a diverse range of options for players to create a unique character. The skill tree allows for specialized builds that focus on specific playstyles, such as the Bow and Spear builds, while also providing options for hybrid builds that combine multiple playstyles. Each build has its strengths and weaknesses, and players should consider their preferred playstyle when deciding which build to invest in. With careful planning and strategy, the Amazon can be a formidable force in battle.

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