Attack Rating Diablo 2

Summary: In Diablo 2, attack rating is an important stat that affects a player’s chance to hit their target. Understanding how attack rating works can greatly impact gameplay and improve your chances of success.

1. Attack Rating Basics

Attack rating (AR) determines how likely a player is to hit their target with an attack. This stat is calculated by taking the player’s dexterity, the weapon’s attack rating, and several other factors into account. The higher the AR, the more likely the player is to hit their target, and vice versa. In addition to affecting hit chance, AR also affects critical hit chance and the chance to avoid being struck by an enemy.

Players should strive to maintain a high AR throughout the game. Increasing dexterity and using weapons with higher attack ratings are both effective ways to boost AR. Additionally, certain skills and equipment have AR bonuses that can be utilized to increase hit chance even further.

It’s important to keep in mind that some enemies, particularly bosses, have high defense ratings that can be difficult to penetrate with low AR. Players may need to adjust their strategy or equipment to overcome these obstacles.

2. AR Penalties and Bonuses

Certain factors can grant bonuses or penalties to a player’s AR. For example, attacking from behind or while an enemy is stunned gives a bonus to AR, while attacking while running or at long range imposes a penalty. Taking damage can also lower a player’s AR temporarily.

Players should be aware of these penalties and bonuses and adjust their tactics accordingly. For example, it may be beneficial to move closer to an enemy before attacking to avoid range penalties. Using crowd control abilities to stun enemies before attacking can also provide a significant AR boost.

In addition to these factors, certain skills and equipment provide bonuses or penalties to AR. These bonuses can be particularly useful when facing tough enemies or in PvP situations.

3. AR and Different Playstyles

Different playstyles benefit from different AR ratings. For example, melee characters rely heavily on AR to hit their targets, making it a crucial stat for their success. Ranged characters, on the other hand, may have easier time hitting their targets due to their distance from enemies, making AR less important.

It’s important for players to consider their playstyle when building their character and allocating points to stats and equipment. A character built for melee combat will need a higher AR than one focused on ranged combat, for example.

PvP also requires a different approach to AR than PvE. In PvP, players will be facing opponents who are likely to have high defense ratings. As a result, maximizing AR is crucial to successfully landing attacks.

4. AR and Party Play

In party play, the importance of AR changes as well. With multiple players attacking the same enemies, an individual player’s hit chance becomes less crucial. As a result, players may opt to focus on other stats instead of maximizing their AR. However, having at least a reasonable amount of AR is still important, as it can affect critical hit chance and the chance to avoid being hit by enemies.

Players should also be aware of skills that grant AR bonuses to party members. Using these abilities can significantly boost the hit chance of all party members and make combat more efficient overall.

Players should communicate with their party members to determine who will focus on boosting AR and who will focus on other stats. This way, the party can balance their strengths and weaknesses and work together more effectively.


Understanding attack rating in Diablo 2 is crucial to success in the game. Players should strive to maintain a high AR throughout the game, particularly if they are focused on melee combat or PvP. Being aware of AR bonuses and penalties, and adjusting tactics accordingly, can make a significant difference in combat.

When playing with others, players should communicate with their party members to determine the best approach to AR. With a balanced team and effective use of skills and equipment, players can increase their chances of success and have more fun in the process.

Lastly, players should experiment with different stats and equipment to find the best balance for their playstyle and preferences. By understanding and utilizing attack rating effectively, players can become true masters of combat in Diablo 2.

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