Battlegrounds 2017

Summary: Battlegrounds 2017 was a game changer in the world of online multiplayer games. It quickly became one of the most popular games among gamers globally, breaking records and creating new benchmarks. This article discusses the various aspects that surrounded the phenomenon of Battlegrounds 2017.

1. Concept and Gameplay

Battlegrounds 2017 is a multiplayer battle royale game that allows players to compete against each other on a deserted island. The gameplay of the game requires you to be the last person standing on the island and to achieve this, the players are given different weapons, armour and ammunition. The concept and gameplay of the game took the online gaming industry by storm. It was something new and refreshing and quickly caught the attention of avid gamers.

The game is famed for its realism and great level of detailing. The terrain, weather conditions, visibility and sound effects are all so well done that it provides a sense of realism to the player. It is a tactical game, where survival and strategic planning play critical roles in winning the game.

The game has been designed in such a way that it strikes a perfect balance between being realistic and entertaining. This combination of elements has helped the game become an instant hit among gamers around the world.

2. Player Base and Popularity

The popularity of Battlegrounds 2017 can be gauged from the sheer numbers of players who began playing the game within weeks of its release. The game gained massive following and in no time broke and created multiple records on Steam platform. Within a month of its launch, the game had sold over 1 million copies, and by March 2018, it had sold more than 30 million copies.

The success of the game lies in the fact that it managed to create its genre, which was until then dominated by other games. Battlegrounds 2017 hit the right spot with gamers, and its success can be attributed to the game’s excellent gameplay mechanics, multiplayer mode and the thrill rush it provides to the players.

The player base of the game is one of the most passionate and loyal communities around the world. This shows the love they have for the game and how it has become an essential part of their lives. The players are of different age groups and come from different backgrounds, but when they play and engage in the gameplay, everyone is equal.

3. Community and Modding

The community of Battlegrounds 2017 is hugely passionate and active. The developers have created a hub where the players can interact with each other, share tips and discuss tactics. The forums on Steam are filled with ideas and suggestions on how to make the game better, and the developers are actively taking feedback to improve the overall experience.

The game allows players to mod it, which means they can create their mods for the game. This feature of the game has given rise to unique and innovative creations and has resulted in the development of mods like the Zombie mod and the Gun Game mod. The support for mods has also helped the developers identify any bugs or glitches in the game and fix it accordingly.

The community of mods have made the game even more exciting and has given players more reasons to stick with the game and explore different possibilities within the game. It has allowed the game to grow beyond what was initially designed, and has given a new meaning to the word ‘community’.

4. Esports and Tournaments

Another aspect of Battlegrounds 2017 that has contributed significantly to its popularity is the Esports scene and the numerous tournaments being held around the world. The game’s popularity has led to the creation of competitive gaming, where players can compete in tournaments that have high stakes.

Esports has given rise to a new breed of gamers, who train and play the game with the same level of dedication and passion reserved for traditional athletes. This has resulted have given rise to professional teams and players earning big bucks by competing in events.

The tournaments have helped bring more exposure to the game and have created a sense of excitement among the players as well as fans. The scene surrounding Battlegrounds 2017 esports is a highly competitive and rapidly growing one.


In conclusion, Battlegrounds 2017 was indeed a game changer in the world of online multiplayer games. It has managed to achieve what very few games have and create its genre. The success of the game can be attributed to its unique gameplay mechanics, realistic graphics, passionate community, modding features and the growing esports scene.

The game has ultimately developed to become an iconic game that will be remembered for decades to come, and its legacy will continue to inspire and entertain gamers around the world for years to come. It’s no wonder that it has been able to create such a passionate fanbase and set new records for the industry.

Lastly, the game has changed the way we perceive gaming, and it has given rise to a new era of gaming experience and possibilities. Its innovations have already, and continue to shape the industry’s future by inspiring developers and publishers to strive for more. Battlegrounds 2017 has undoubtedly carved out a special place for itself in the history of gaming.

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