Battlegrounds Cards

Summary: Battlegrounds is the auto-battler game mode in Hearthstone that has gained immense popularity for its unique gameplay. Cards play a crucial role in shaping each player’s strategy and their chances of winning.

1. The basics of Battlegrounds cards

Battlegrounds cards are unique to this game mode and cannot be used in standard or wild formats. Each round, players choose from a set of cards that they can add or remove from their existing lineup. These cards consist of minions, spells, and weapons that offer different abilities and synergies.

When a card is played, it enters the battleground and becomes a minion that can attack the enemy’s minions or the opponent hero. The card’s stats, abilities, and positioning on the board are vital in determining its effectiveness in combat. Some cards have ‘Battlecry’ effects that activate when they enter the battlefield, while others have ‘Deathrattle’ effects that take place when they die.

2. Finding synergy in cards

One of the primary strategies in Battlegrounds is finding synergy between cards to create a powerful and cohesive lineup. This can be achieved by grouping together cards that have similar abilities, buffs, or spells that complement each other. For example, grouping together murlocs can create a powerful force that boosts each other’s attack statistics.

Additionally, players can choose hero powers that fit well with their card lineup. Some heroes have abilities that offer extra benefits to specific types of cards, making them invaluable additions to certain strategies. For example, A. F. Kay’s hero power allows her to freeze the first minion she buys each turn, potentially giving her extra time to build her unique synergy lineup.

3. How to acquire new and powerful cards

In Battlegrounds, players can acquire new cards through a variety of ways. Each round, new cards are offered to each player, and they can choose which to add to their lineup or sell for gold. Gold can be used to refresh the available selection of cards or upgrade the tavern, which offers more powerful cards to choose from.

Additionally, players can earn new cards by rising through the ranks. Winning matches and performing well in tournaments grants rewards that may include new playable cards. It is also possible to unlock new cards by completing quests or participating in events.


Cards are one of the central components of Battlegrounds gameplay. They offer numerous abilities and synergies that can be exploited to create powerful lineups that can dominate opponents. With a variety of ways to find and acquire new cards, players can keep refining and evolving their strategies to stay at the top of their game.

In summary, mastering the art of card synergy and selecting the right heroes with matching strengths and weaknesses can help solidify your position at the top of the battlegrounds mode leaderboard.

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