Battlegrounds Changes


The world of gaming is always evolving, and players are always excited to see what changes their favorite games will undergo. One such game is Battlegrounds, which has recently undergone some major changes. These changes affect various aspects of the game, from the weapons players use to the way they approach combat. Here we will look at some of the most significant changes that have been made.

1. Map changes

The map is the foundation of any Battlegrounds game, and the biggest change that has been made to it is the addition of a new location called Haven. This location was introduced with patch 10.2 and is a small island off the coast of the main map. It offers players new challenges, as they must change their tactics to suit the terrain.

In addition to this new location, some smaller changes have been made to the main map. For instance, Prison now has an underground area, and there are new buildings in certain areas. These changes are designed to add more variety to the game, which should keep players engaged.

2. Weapon balance changes

Weapon balance is always an important aspect of any shooting game, and Battlegrounds is no exception. Some of the most significant weapon balance changes that have been made include a reduction in the power of the DMR weapons, such as the Mini 14 and the MK14. These weapons had become too powerful, and this was making them overused in the game. By reducing their power, players will now be forced to use other weapons, which should make the game more varied and interesting.

Another change that has been made is to the recoil patterns of some of the weapons. For example, the M249 now has less horizontal recoil, while the Uzi has more. These changes should make the weapons feel more realistic and help to balance them out in the game.

3. New vehicles

In Battlegrounds, vehicles are a crucial aspect of gameplay, allowing players to move around quickly and escape dangerous situations. Two new vehicles have been added in recent updates that are designed to add even more variety to the game.

The first is the Dirt Bike, which is a fast and agile vehicle that can be used to explore rough terrain quickly. It is also relatively easy to maneuver, which makes it useful for quick getaways or maneuvers during combat.

The second new vehicle is the Motor Glider, which is a unique vehicle that allows players to take to the skies. It requires a large amount of fuel to operate, but it can be a useful way of avoiding dangerous situations or scouting out enemy positions.


Overall, the changes that have been made to Battlegrounds have added a lot of variety to the game. The new location, Haven, offers a unique challenge for players, while the weapon balance changes should make the game more interesting and diverse. Finally, the addition of new vehicles like the Dirt Bike and Motor Glider should add some extra excitement to the game. We can expect these changes to keep the game fresh and engaging, which will hopefully keep players coming back for more.

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