Battlegrounds To Board Games

Summary: From virtual battlegrounds to physical board games, the crossover between the two is becoming increasingly popular. Here are some ways that battlegrounds are inspiring board games.

1. Realistic Play

Battleground video games have become increasingly realistic over the years, with games that prioritize accuracy in weapons, terrain, and gameplay. Board game creators are now taking inspiration from these games to offer players more immersive and realistic experiences. Board games such as Gloomhaven utilize tiles to create maps that depict different terrains – from swamps to rocky terrains – that players must navigate. Other games such as Scythe offer military-inspired gameplay with the use of miniature pieces that represent different units and factions.

But the influence of video games extends beyond equipment and terrain, as board games also take into account tactics and strategy. Games such as XCOM The Board Game tasks players with fulfilling specific objectives while also managing resources and dealing with unpredictable enemies that can strike at any moment. These games mirror the experience of video games, adding a layer of strategy and coordination that is both challenging and thrilling.

Ultimately, realistic gameplay in board games inspired by battlegrounds offers up an engaging experience that is closer than ever to the real thing.

2. Cooperative Gameplay

Battleground games have also provided inspiration for a growing number of cooperative board games. With many video games featuring co-op modes where players can team up to take on missions or objectives together, board games are also finding success with this same principle.

Pandemic, for example, is a cooperative game where players must work together to stop a global outbreak. Each player has unique skills and abilities that can help the group as a whole. Similarly, Zombicide is another co-op board game that sets players against hordes of zombies.

In cooperative board games, players must strategize and plan together to succeed. The game mechanics reinforce the idea that everyone is working towards a common goal, making for a fun and challenging experience.

3. RPG Elements

Role-playing games (RPGs) are an ever-popular genre in video games, allowing players to create their own avatar or hero and embark on quests and adventures. Board games have taken note of this and have created titles that incorporate similar elements.

Gloomhaven, for example, allows players to create and customize their own character with unique abilities and playstyles. Players can earn experience points and level up as they progress through the game, which adds a sense of accomplishment and investment in their character’s story.

Another board game that features RPG elements is Lords of Hellas, where players take on the role of Greek heroes and battle legendary beasts. Players can choose different paths and alliances throughout the game, giving them agency and control over how their story unfolds.

4. Modularity and Customization

One aspect that has made battleground games popular with players is their modularity and ability to customize gameplay. Board games have followed suit, incorporating the same principles to offer players more agency in their gaming experience.

Games like War of the Ring allow players to choose from a wide variety of pieces for their armies, creating a unique composition that reflects their preferred strategy. Similarly, Star Wars Armada offers different ship models for players to choose from, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Modular board games like Kingdom Death Monster also allow players to adjust the difficulty level, adding or removing obstacles based on preference. These options provide more control over the gaming experience, making for a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

5. Accessibility and Simplicity

Battleground games can be notoriously complex and difficult to learn, leading some players to seek out simpler alternatives. Board games have taken inspiration from these players and created titles that prioritize accessibility and ease of play.

Games like Summoner Wars utilize card-based mechanics that are easy to understand, while still offering strategy and depth. Codenames is another popular board game that only requires a set of cards and some simple rules, providing a fun and engaging experience in a short amount of time.

By taking inspiration from the simplicity and accessibility of certain battlegrounds games, board games offer an experience that is inviting to both new and experienced players alike.


Battlegrounds and board games might seem like two completely different worlds, but their overlap is becoming more and more apparent. From realistic gameplay that mirrors the experience of video games to cooperative gameplay that reflects teamwork and camaraderie, board games inspired by battlegrounds offer up a unique and exciting experience. By taking the best elements of video games and incorporating them into physical form, board game creators are reinventing how we experience traditional tabletop gaming.

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