Bauble Minecraft

Summary: Baubles Minecraft is one of the most popular mods that mainly focuses on upgrading personal inventory in Minecraft. This popular mod has a variety of features that make it essential for Minecraft enthusiasts to take advantage of. Some of these features include extra inventory slots, custom visual effects, and character customization options.

1. The Extra Inventory Slots

The bauble mod adds a total of 15 extra inventory slots to store various items such as rings, necklaces, amulets, cloaks, belts, and other trinkets. Moreover, the additional inventory slots come with their unique attributes, making each of them different from the main inventory slots. For instance, a belt slot allows players to wear a belt that has specific buffs such as knockback resistance, jump boost, water breathing, fire resistance, and many more.

Another inventory slot notable is the glove slot which comes with its unique enchantments. The best part is that players can equip two rings simultaneously, providing extra enchants and bonuses. Having these extra inventory slots makes it easier for players to carry more items during their game playing, thus enhancing their gaming experience.

2. Custom Visual Effects

The bauble mod also comes with a unique graphics feature where custom visual effects are displayed on your character when a particular item is equipped. The mod adds special animations and particle effects to rings, amulets, and medallions, which is an excellent aesthetic appeal to your character. For instance, when you equip an “Angel Ring,” there is a beautiful animation effect where the player has particle rings around them, giving them an aesthetic appearance.

The custom visual effects add character enhancement and experience, which keeps players engaged in the game. The customization options are limitless, allowing players to fine-tune the playing conditions and customize the gaming inventory to meet their preferences.

3. Character Customization Options

The bauble mod offers many customization options that enable players to change the appearance of their characters. For example, players can choose Cloaks that have specific insignia on them or even create their custom insignia. The belts come with different models, including a tool belt that has additional space for holding more items. Additionally, the crafting recipe in bauble mod is simple and easily customizable, offering players a wide range of possibilities to upgrade their inventory.

The character customization options also offer players unique and special enchantment choices. These choices include but are not limited to buffing your characters’ attack, defense, magic, and shield. The mod also allows players to disenchant and re-enchant an item without having to visit the enchanting table, making it easier and convenient for players to customize their gameplay.


In conclusion, Baubles Minecraft is an interesting mod that significantly enhances the gaming experience when playing Minecraft. It offers players unique and game-altering features such as extra inventory slots, custom visual effects, and character customization options. The various customization options give players an advantage when playing, making it easier for them to reach higher levels, which would have ordinarily taken a longer time and effort. It’s easy to download and easy to install, making it favorite among Minecraft enthusiasts who want to upgrade their inventory and their Minecraft gaming experience.

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