Bear’s Greatest Games

Bear’s Greatest Games

When it comes to sports, there are always memorable games that stand out. In the world of American football, there is no shortage of legendary moments, and the Chicago Bears have certainly been a part of many of them. Since their founding in 1920, the Bears have had numerous standout games that have left lasting impressions on fans, players, and coaches alike. In this article, we will take a look at some of the greatest games in the history of the Chicago Bears.

1. Dec. 29, 1940: The Sneakers Game

The 1940 NFL championship game between the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins was a tale of two halves. At halftime, with the field frozen and the Bears trailing 7-3, the team’s assistant coach suggested they make a change to their footwear. The team switched from cleats to sneakers, and the Bears proceeded to score 30 unanswered points in the second half to win the championship 37-13. The game has since been dubbed “The Sneakers Game” and is remembered as one of the greatest turnarounds in sports history.

2. Nov. 17, 1963: The Barren Touchdown Game

In a game against the Minnesota Vikings, running back Ronnie Bull took a pitch from quarterback Billy Wade and ran toward the end zone. However, he was tackled just shy of the goal line, and his head collided with a defender’s knee, knocking him out cold. As Bull lay motionless on the field, fullback Rick Casares took the next play in for a touchdown. The game was stopped briefly while Bull was taken off the field, but he was back on the sidelines soon after, eager to return to the game. The play has since been dubbed “The Barren Touchdown” and is remembered as a testament to the toughness and resilience of the Bears’ players.

3. Jan. 26, 1986: Super Bowl XX

Super Bowl XX was a dominant performance by the Chicago Bears against the New England Patriots. The game is remembered for the Bears’ “46 Defense,” which shut down the Patriots’ offense and led to a 46-10 victory. The Bears’ defense scored two touchdowns in the game, and Walter Payton, the team’s legendary running back, finally won his first championship after a stellar 13-year career.

4. Nov. 13, 1988: The Fog Bowl

In a playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, heavy fog rolled in and reduced visibility on the field to just a few yards. Players and coaches couldn’t see the other end of the field, and the game had to be stopped multiple times to clear the field. Despite the challenging conditions, the Bears managed to win the game 20-12, with quarterback Jim McMahon throwing for over 200 yards despite the fog.

5. Jan. 6, 2002: The Miracle in Champaign

In a divisional playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Bears were down by 15 with just over four minutes left in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Jim Miller led a comeback drive that ended in a touchdown pass to wide receiver David Terrell. After recovering an onside kick, the Bears scored another touchdown, and a two-point conversion tied the game at 23-23. In overtime, the Bears kicked a game-winning field goal to win the game 33-30. The game has since been dubbed “The Miracle in Champaign” and is remembered as one of the greatest comebacks in NFL postseason history.


Chicago Bears fans have a lot of memories to look back on when it comes to great games throughout the team’s history. From their dominant Super Bowl XX victory to smaller moments like “The Barren Touchdown,” there are many moments that stand out as unforgettable displays of the team’s talent, grit, and perseverance. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer of the sport, these games are worth remembering as some of the greatest moments in the long and storied history of the Chicago Bears.

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