Beaver Bayou Battleground

Summary: Beaver Bayou Battleground is a crucial Civil War battlefield located in Louisiana. The battle, fought on the 22nd of April, 1864 between the Union Army and Confederate forces, lasted for five hours. Located near the Red River, the battle led to an estimated loss of over 200 lives before the Union Army retreated.

1. The Importance of the Beaver Bayou Battleground

The Beaver Bayou Battleground is an essential site for any Civil War history enthusiast. By examining the terrain, size of the battlefield, and documented reports of the fighting, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the events that occurred during this turning point of American history.

The battle at the Beaver Bayou Battleground was significant as it was part of the larger Red River Campaign. The Union Army under General Nathaniel Banks advanced toward Shreveport, Louisiana, with the objective of controlling the region while disrupting the Confederacy’s economy. The conflict at Beaver Bayou became an important factor in the ultimate failure of the campaign.

2. The Battle at Beaver Bayou

The Battle of Beaver Bayou began on Friday, April 22, 1864, when General A.J. Smith’s troops faced a Confederate army under General Richard Taylor. The Confederate army had dug trenches on either side of the road, so the Union forces advanced down the road. Despite initial skirmishes, the Union forces pushed forward, surpassing the Confederates’ first line of defense. The Confederates then took positions behind a bayou and used breastworks to their advantage.

Smith then ordered his men to charge the Confederate lines. The Union forces made several attempts to overrun the Confederate lines. These assaults were met with heavy fire from Confederate sharpshooters positioned on the other side of the bayou, causing significant casualties on both sides. After five hours of ferocious combat, the Union Army was driven back, forced to retreat south towards Grand Ecore.

3. Cemetery and Memorialization

Following the battle, the soldiers who died were buried in a mass grave at the battle site. Later on, it was decided that these soldiers would be moved to Alexandria National Cemetery. In 1870, the site of the mass grave for the Union soldiers was turned into a cemetery. After that, many people started visiting the battleground to pay respects to those who lost their lives.

The Louisiana Office of State Parks has declared the Beaver Bayou Battleground a historical site. The area has been turned into a 200-acre park and comprises trails and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy.


The Beaver Bayou Battleground is an important site of remembrance of not only the Civil War but also of the struggle for a more just society. Today, people across the world visit and pay homage to this spot. Its legacy remains vital as people continue to grapple with the issues of freedom and democracy. While the memories of those times may fade over time, the significance of the events that took place at Beaver Bayou Battleground remains deeply felt.

Lastly, the importance placed on preserving such battlegrounds cannot be understated. These sites permit us to understand the past in its entirety and learn from our previous mistakes. Through preservation, we can keep the spirit of Beaver Bayou alive for present and future generations.

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