Black Glazed Terracotta Minecraft

Summary: Black glazed terracotta is one of the many varieties of clay blocks that can be found in Minecraft game. In particular, it has a unique texture and design that distinguishes it from all other types of terracotta blocks. If you’re interested in learning more about black glazed terracotta and its uses in Minecraft, then this article is perfect for you.

1. Obtaining black glazed terracotta

Black glazed terracotta is not a naturally occurring block in Minecraft. It can only be obtained through crafting by placing one black terracotta block in the center of the crafting table and surrounding it with eight units of black dye. Once crafted, players will receive eight blocks of black glazed terracotta, which makes it one of the more expensive types of terracotta to use.

However, players can also obtain black glazed terracotta by finding them within woodland mansions. These large structures can be found in the dark forests, and they have multiple rooms filled with various treasures and loot. Black glazed terracotta can be spotted in some of these mansions, which makes exploring these structures even more worthwhile.

2. Uses of black glazed terracotta

Black glazed terracotta has several uses in Minecraft, both as a building material and as a functional block. Its intricate design makes it a popular option for creating decorative floors and walls in buildings. Additionally, it can be used as a roof tile due to its ability to resist water, which prevents any leaks from occurring in a building.

In terms of functionality, black glazed terracotta can be used to create patterned floors or secret doors that blend in with the surrounding blocks. Due to its unique texture, it serves as an excellent camouflage block that can be used in traps or hidden entrances. Moreover, it’s a popular choice for creating puzzle maps as players have to navigate through mazes and combinations of black terracotta.

3. Tips for working with black glazed terracotta

One aspect that players should keep in mind when working with black glazed terracotta is its fragility. It breaks easily, so players should be careful when mining or placing it down. It’s also advisable to use silk touch tools when mining black glazed terracotta to maintain the block’s integrity.

Players who are interested in using black glazed terracotta for building projects should experiment with different patterns and designs. The block can be rotated in eight directions, which opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating unique designs and patterns.


Black glazed terracotta is a valuable addition to the list of building materials available in Minecraft. With its intricate design and texture, it serves as an excellent option for creating decorative structures and functional blocks. Although it may require some effort to obtain, players will find that the investment is worth it for the unique uses they can derive from it. So why not try crafting some black glazed terracotta blocks for yourself and see how you can incorporate them into your Minecraft projects?

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