Callisto Protocol Dead Space Developers

Callisto Protocol – A New Horror Game from Dead Space Developers

The game development industry is known for its constant innovations and adaptations to the changing needs and preferences of players. One such game that has caught the attention of horror gaming enthusiasts is Callisto Protocol, a title being produced by Striking Distance Studios, which is led by Glen Schofield, one of the co-founders of Dead Space developer Visceral Games.

There are many reasons why fans have high expectations for the game, including the talent behind it and its unique storyline. This article will take a closer look at the Callisto Protocol game and what Dead Space developers have in store for us.

1. Who are the Creators of Callisto Protocol?

Striking Distance Studios is an independent video game developer based in San Ramon, California. It was founded by Glen Schofield, who served as the CEO of Visceral Games, and a team of industry veterans who had previously worked on games like Dead Space, Sledgehammer Games, and Call of Duty.

Their goal is to revolutionize the gaming experience through the creation of unique, story-driven titles that leave a lasting impression on players. The Callisto Protocol is their upcoming project and ranks high among the games’ community’s most anticipated releases.

2. What to Expect from Callisto Protocol?

Callisto Protocol tells the story of a maximum-security space prison located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, created by a group of corporations known as the United Jupiter Company. The storyline revolves around the prisoners and staff members of Black Iron Prison, raising questions about their fate when an ominous psychic force begins plaguing the facility.

The game promises to be bloody, gory, and filled with gut-wrenching moments. Striking Distance Studios has also confirmed that the game would feature “next-generation graphics and sound design” to enhance the immersion of players.

Additionally, the developer has also announced that the game would have single-player and multiplayer modes. Players can either play solo or connect with other gamers to explore Black Iron Prison ruled by a horrifying mysterious force.

3. Release Date and Platforms Available

The Callisto Protocol is currently in development, and while the game’s developers have not given an official release date, they have stated that the game would be ready sometime in 2022.

The game will be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the PC via Steam platform. Fans of horror survival games are eagerly waiting for more updates regarding the game’s progress.


In conclusion, the Callisto Protocol stirs up excitement, and horror gamers are anticipating its release, given its development team’s expertise in creating similar titles. The game guarantees to offer intense gaming experience and high-level immersion in the virtual world. Its storyline, next-gen graphics, and sound design elevate it among the highly anticipated video games set for release in 2022. With the hopes that the ongoing pandemic won’t derail its release, fans await the game with anticipation.

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