Can I Play Diablo Immortal Offline

Summary: Diablo Immortal is an upcoming action role-playing game, but many players are wondering if they can play the game offline without an internet connection. The answer is no, as playing the game will require a stable internet connection at all times. However, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to playing Diablo Immortal.

1. Always Online Requirement

Diablo Immortal requires a stable internet connection to play. This means that you cannot play the game offline, as the game is designed to be played online with other players. This is due to the game’s focus on multiplayer gameplay and the need for server-side processing.

As a result, players may experience connectivity issues, especially in areas with poor internet connection. It’s recommended to have a stable and reliable internet connection to enjoy the full experience of Diablo Immortal without any disruptions.

2. Single Player Content Availability

Although Diablo Immortal requires an internet connection to play, the game will have single-player content available. According to Blizzard Entertainment, players can expect story-driven gameplay, side missions, and dungeons that can be completed solo or with a group of friends.

This means that players can still enjoy the game even without being connected to the internet at times. However, keep in mind that some aspects of the game will not be accessible without an internet connection, such as trading or playing with other players in real-time.

3. Cross-Platform Play and Device Compatibility

Diablo Immortal is developed using Unreal Engine 4 and is expected to be available on both Android and iOS devices. Players will be able to play with others on different platforms, enabling cross-platform play.

This means that players can find others to play with even if they’re on a different device, allowing for a broader player community. Cross-platform play also means that players can switch between devices easily while still retaining their progress in the game.


In conclusion, playing Diablo Immortal will require an internet connection at all times due to its focus on multiplayer gameplay and server-side processing. However, the game will have single-player content available and will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, offering cross-platform play. Ensure a stable internet connection when playing and enjoy the game’s immersive experience with friends or solo.

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