Castillo Diablo Wine

Castillo Diablo Wine: A Taste of Chilean Spectacle

If you’re looking for a wine that represents the rich and robust flavors of Chile, then Castillo Diablo wine should be on your list. This premium wine is produced by the Tunquen vineyard, located in the Casablanca Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in central Chile. The wine is named after the spirits of the devil that inhabit the castle located in the vineyards. With its complex flavors and aromas, Castillo Diablo wine delivers an immersive experience to the senses.

About Castillo Diablo Wine

Castillo Diablo wine is made from grapes grown in the Tunquen vineyard. The vineyard is situated amidst scenic surroundings, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range. The coastal influence of the valley results in the grapes having a minerality and salinity that is unique to this region. The prime terroir, abundant sunshine, and cool breeze that drifts in from the Pacific helps to impart vibrant flavors and aromas to the grapes.

The wine is made using the best techniques and processes, ensuring that it retains its authentic essence when bottled. The winemakers take a lot of care in selecting the right grapes and allowing enough time for them to ripen before they are picked and pressed. Further, the wine undergoes an extended maceration period to extract as much flavor and aroma as possible from the grapes.

Tasting Notes and Food Pairing

Castillo Diablo wine has a deep, ruby-red color that exudes richness and class. The aroma of the wine is intense and complex, featuring notes of ripe blackberry, coffee, cedarwood, and vanilla. On the palate, the wine has a robust structure with powerful tannins and balanced acidity that make it ideal for aging. In terms of flavor, it is packed with ripe black cherry, plum, chocolate, and spices.

When it comes to food pairing, Castillo Diablo wine goes well with dishes that have robust flavors like grilled beef, lamb chowder, and roasted vegetables. Alternatively, the wine can also be enjoyed on its own as a luxurious and indulgent treat. It’s recommended to serve the wine slightly chilled at 16°C to bring out its rich flavors.

The Winery

The Tunquen vineyard is located in a beautiful valley near the Pacific Coast. The vineyard is operated by a group of wine enthusiasts who are passionate about winemaking and strive to produce high-quality wines using traditional techniques. The vineyard boasts of modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that every stage of the winemaking process is executed flawlessly.

At Tunquen vineyard, environmental conservation is taken very seriously. The vineyard operates on biodynamic principles where the ecosystem is viewed as a holistic organism. This helps to preserve the natural biodiversity of the area and protect the soil from degradation. The vineyard is also self-sufficient and generates its electricity using solar energy.


If you’re looking for a wine that truly embodies the essence of Chile, then you can’t go wrong with Castillo Diablo wine. The wine is a testament to the passion and dedication of the winemakers who have strived to produce a high-quality wine that captures the beauty of the Casablanca Valley. With its rich aromas and complex flavors, Castillo Diablo wine is perfect for those who appreciate a luxurious and refined drinking experience.

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