Cheats For Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is a popular third-person shooter video game that has gained quite a following since its release in February 2013. The game includes various cheats that can be used to enhance the gameplay significantly. These cheats offer additional challenges, improved weapons and abilities, and enhanced gaming experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the best cheats for Dead Space 3.

1. Infinite Resources

One of the essential cheats in Dead Space 3 is the ability to have an infinite amount of resources. Playing the game without the need to scavenge for resources makes the gameplay a lot easier. To use this cheat, players must first start the game and then select the new game option. Next, the player must press the “X” button on Xbox or “square” button on PlayStation to manually enter a new code. Once the code screen appears, type in the following code “ResourcePlus,” and the player would have infinite resources.

2. All Weapons and Suits

Players can obtain all weapons and suits in Dead Space 3 by using a cheat code. This cheat code allows the player to acquire all weapons and suits in the game instantly, without the need to complete any level or achieve any target. To use this cheat code, players must start the game and then select the “options” tab. Scroll down to the “cheats” section and enter the code “F41M3R” in the cheat code screen. Players can now access all weapons and suits that the game offers.

3. Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode is a popular game mode among Dead Space 3 players. This mode provides a much challenging gameplay by restricting saves and making enemies more dangerous. Hardcore mode requires players to play the game from the beginning to the end without dying. Successfully completing hardcore mode also unlocks achievements that cannot be accessed through regular gameplay. To activate hardcore mode, players must start a new game and choose the Hardcore difficulty option.

4. Aerial Assault Pack

The Aerial Assault Pack is a downloadable content (DLC) that enhances the gaming experience in Dead Space 3 by providing players with new weapons, abilities, and suits. The pack includes a new suit called the “Aerial Combat Armor,” which provides enhanced protection against damage from enemies. The pack also offers two new weapons, including the “Evangelizer” and “The Negotiator.” The Evangelizer is a deadly weapon that fires both a shotgun and assault rifle rounds, while The Negotiator is a powerful weapon that releases volatile mines on impact. To access the Aerial Assault Pack, players must download it from the game’s official website or online store.

5. Classic Mode

Classic Mode is another popular game mode among Dead Space 3 players. This mode recreates the gameplay of the original Dead Space game by removing modern features such as cover-based shooting and adding limited ammunition and health packs. To activate Classic Mode, players must complete the game once and then choose to play New Game+, where they can select Classic Mode.

In conclusion, Dead Space 3 is a fantastic game that offers players a great gaming experience. However, using cheats can enhance the gameplay further by unlocking additional challenges, improving weapons and abilities, and providing an overall improved gaming experience. Whether you want to play the game on hardcore mode or instantly acquire all weapons and suits, cheats provide a lot of options to customize your gaming experience. So go ahead, try out these cheats, and enjoy the game even more.

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