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Summary: Coffee and Star Wars are two beloved things that have come together over the years, resulting in a unique fandom that has taken on a life of its own. From coffee shops with Star Wars themes to limited edition Star Wars coffee merchandise, this article explores the many ways in which coffee and Star Wars have collided.

1. Coffee Shop Culture Meets Star Wars

Coffee shops have always been popular spots for people to gather, work, and socialize, but in recent years, some coffee shops have gone beyond just serving up the perfect cup of Joe. These shops have carved out a niche market by offering themed experiences, and none have done it quite as well as those who have embraced the Star Wars universe.

Coffee shops like The Dark Side Cafe in Los Angeles and the Main Street Coffee Company in Texas have decked out their shops with an immersive Star Wars theme. From life-size replicas of Darth Vader and Yoda to Star Wars-themed decorations and menu items, these cafes offer customers a chance to step into another world while enjoying their morning coffee.

Other coffee shops, such as the BlackForge Coffee House in Pittsburgh, have created their own unique Star Wars-inspired blends of coffee. Their Jedi Mind Trick blend is a fan favorite, featuring notes of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut.

2. Limited Edition Coffee Merchandise

The Star Wars franchise is well-known for its extensive merchandise line, but in recent years, coffee has been added to the list of items perfect for collectors. Companies like Spencers and ThinkGeek have capitalized on this trend by offering limited edition Star Wars coffee mugs, tumblers, and even whole bean coffee blends.

One of the most popular pieces of Star Wars coffee merchandise is the Death Star mug, which features a 3D design of the iconic weapon. Another standout piece is a coffee tumbler modeled after R2-D2, complete with sound effects when you take a sip.

Some companies have even taken things a step further by offering Star Wars-themed coffee makers. The most notable example is the Darth Vader French press, featuring a design that is both functional and stylish.

3. Celebrity Collaborations

The intersection of coffee and Star Wars has reached new heights with celebrity collaborations. One of the most notable partnerships came in 2016 when illy coffee partnered with Lucasfilm to create a line of limited edition Star Wars coffee cans. Each can featured artwork inspired by the Star Wars films and characters, making them instant collectibles.

Another example of these collaborations is a new coffee brand called Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. They partnered with actor Adam Driver (who played Kylo Ren in the latest Star Wars trilogy) to release a specialty blend of coffee. All of the proceeds were donated to Driver’s non-profit organization, which helps military veterans and their families.

Celebrity collaborations like these not only bring attention to the Star Wars franchise, but they also support meaningful causes and introduce fans to new coffee brands.

4. Interactive Experiences

Thanks to advancements in technology, coffee and Star Wars fans can now enjoy interactive experiences that go beyond just sipping on a cup of coffee. An example of this is the Starbucks augmented reality experience that debuted in 2019. Customers who visited certain Starbucks locations could use their phones to scan specially marked cups and watch as Star Wars ships and characters appeared before their eyes in augmented reality.

Other coffee shops, such as the Death Star Canteen in Australia, have created immersive experiences where customers can interact with costumed actors, take part in Star Wars-themed activities, and of course, enjoy coffee!

These interactive experiences are becoming increasingly popular, as fans of the franchise crave a more hands-on way to connect with their favorite characters.

5. Pop Culture References

The crossover between coffee and Star Wars has even made its way into pop culture through television shows, movies, and music. One of the most memorable examples is the Saturday Night Live sketch featuring actor Bill Hader as a beleaguered Stormtrooper trying to order coffee from a Starbucks on the Death Star. The skit perfectly captured the often absurd nature of trying to order a cup of coffee at a busy cafe, while also riffing on Star Wars lore.

Another pop culture reference that nods to the collision of coffee and Star Wars is the song “Coffee and TV” by the band Blur. While the song itself doesn’t mention Star Wars, the music video features a milk carton with a picture of Darth Vader on it, as well as other Star Wars references throughout.

These pop culture references serve as a reminder of the enduring popularity of both coffee and Star Wars, and how they continue to influence and inspire in unexpected ways.


Coffee and Star Wars may seem like an unlikely pair, but over the years, they have collided in ways that have created a loyal and passionate fan base. From themed coffee shops to limited edition merchandise, celebrity collaborations, and interactive experiences, the combination of these two beloved things has resulted in a unique fandom all its own. As the Star Wars franchise continues to grow and evolve, it’s clear that coffee will play a role in keeping the force strong.

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