Dead Space 2 All Suit Locations

Summary: Dead Space 2 is an action-packed, survival horror game that allows players to take control of protagonist, Isaac Clarke, as he navigates through the Sprawl. The game features multiple suits that offer varying abilities and augmentations to help players survive in this hostile environment. In this article, we will look at the different suit locations found throughout the game.

1. Engineering Suit

The engineering suit is the first suit encountered in Dead Space 2 and provides some basic armor to Isaac. Players can obtain this suit at the very beginning of the game by completing the “Emergency Boarding” mission. In addition to better armor, this suit also has an improved air supply which helps players survive longer in vacuum environments.

However, it is important to note that while the engineering suit is a good starting point, it doesn’t offer many additional benefits beyond basic protection. As players progress through the game, they’ll want to keep an eye out for other suits that may provide better bonuses or abilities suited to their playstyle.

For those who prefer the look of the engineering suit, it’s also available later on in the game for purchase at the store.

2. Security Suit

The security suit is one of the most sought after suits in Dead Space 2 due to its improved durability and increased inventory space. This suit also provides an upgrade to stasis and kinesis modules, allowing players to utilize these abilities more effectively in combat.

To obtain the security suit, players must collect 50 semiconductor resources and then retrieve the security schematics found in the Security Office towards the end of Chapter 3. Once the player returns with the schematics to the store, they can purchase the suit for an additional cost.

The security suit is a great choice for players who want to be able to carry more items and utilize their stasis and kinesis abilities more effectively in combat.

3. Riot Suit

The riot suit is a heavy duty armor that provides impressive protection from enemy attacks but sacrifices some mobility as a result. This suit offers an upgrade to both stasis and kinesis modules, making these abilities even more powerful than they already are.

To obtain the riot suit, players must collect 25 tungsten resources and then retrieve the schematics found towards the end of Chapter 7. Once the player returns with the schematics to the store, they can purchase the suit for an additional cost.

The riot suit is an excellent choice for players who prefer a more defensive approach to combat and are willing to sacrifice some mobility for increased protection.

4. Elite Engineer Suit

The elite engineer suit is the ultimate engineering outfit, boasting improved armor protection, a larger inventory space, and a further increase to air supply compared to the standard engineering suit.

To obtain this suit, players must complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting, known as Hardcore Mode. Only once this has been done can the suit be purchased at the store.

The elite engineer suit is a great choice for players looking for a challenge and who enjoy the look and feel of the original engineering suit.

5. Advanced Suit

The advanced suit is a sleek and highly customizable suit that allows players to modify its appearance with various designs and patterns. This suit also improves upon the previous suits’ armor and inventory enhancements, providing an additional bonus to health regeneration.

To obtain the advanced suit, players must first collect all 15 Peng treasure trophies scattered throughout the game and then complete the game on any difficulty setting. Once this has been done, the player can purchase the advanced suit at the store.

The advanced suit is a fantastic choice for players who want the added bonus of looking unique and having their own customized suit, in addition to the improved armor and inventory space offered by previous suits.


In Dead Space 2, players have access to various suits that offer different benefits and playstyles. The engineering suit provides basic protection but doesn’t offer many additional bonuses beyond that. The security suit is a popular choice due to its increased inventory space and upgraded stasis and kinesis abilities. The riot suit is perfect for players who prefer defensive tactics and don’t mind sacrificing some mobility. The elite engineer suit is a suit for those who seek a challenge and the advanced suit is highly customizable with added health regeneration bonuses. With all these options to choose from, players can tailor their experience to their preferences and enjoy the game even more.

Lastly, it’s important to keep an eye out for suit schematics and upgrade resources throughout the game since they’re necessary for purchasing the different suits. Choosing the right suit can make all the difference when it comes to surviving the Sprawl in Dead Space 2.

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