Dead Space 3 Devil Horns

Summary: Dead Space 3 is a popular survival-horror video game released in 2013, with Devil Horns being one of its unique features. In this article, we will explore the origins and significance of Devil Horns in the game, as well as how to obtain and utilize them for maximum gameplay.

1. The Origins of Devil Horns

Devil Horns were first introduced in Dead Space 2 as an unlockable weapon for completing the game on its hardest difficulty. However, in Dead Space 3, Devil Horns play a more prominent role as they can be obtained outside of the game’s hardest mode.

These powerful weapons resemble the horns of the Marker, an alien artifact that plays a crucial role in the Dead Space series’ lore. As such, the Devil Horns are considered an integral part of the game’s mythology, tying together various story elements and giving players a tangible connection to the game’s overarching narrative.

2. How to Obtain and Use Devil Horns

To obtain the Devil Horns in Dead Space 3, players must first collect all 40 Artifacts scattered throughout the game. After doing so, they can access the Artifact Storage room to obtain their coveted reward.

Once players have the Devil Horns, they can equip them as a melee weapon in the game. Notably, the Devil Horns come with a unique ability – every successful hit with the weapon increases the player’s damage resistance by 3% for the next ten seconds. This, coupled with their already-potent damage output, makes the Devil Horns a fantastic choice for players looking to deal significant damage while also remaining resilient to enemy attacks.

3. The Significance of Devil Horns in Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is a notoriously difficult game, even for seasoned players of the series. As such, Devil Horns represent more than just a powerful weapon – they are a symbol of an individual player’s skill and dedication to the game. Their difficulty to obtain and the rewards they provide for skilled play serve as reminders of the challenges players have overcome to earn them.

Furthermore, the Devil Horns’ ties to the game’s lore give them significant importance beyond their gameplay applications. The Devil Horns’ inclusion in Dead Space 3 serves to further connect players to the series’ wider narrative, encouraging players to engage with the game’s story beyond surface-level mechanics.


In conclusion, Devil Horns are a unique and significant feature of Dead Space 3. Their origins tie them to the series’ overall narrative, while their difficulty to obtain and powerful combat abilities make them an iconic weapon for players seeking a challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Dead Space series or a newcomer looking for a new gaming experience, Devil Horns are an exciting and satisfying addition to the game.

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