Dead Space Downfall Characters

Summary: Dead Space Downfall is an animated horror film that serves as a prequel to the video game Dead Space. The movie centers around the downfall of the crew on the USG Ishimura and their battle against the terrifying Necromorphs. The characters in the film are a mix of likable heroes and cowardly villains. In this article, we will discuss the downfall of the characters in Dead Space Downfall.

1. Chief Science Officer Mercer

Chief Science Officer Mercer is a character in Dead Space Downfall who ultimately played a significant role in the downfall of the crew. Initially, he’s depicted as a brilliant scientist with a sharp mind and confident demeanor. However, as the movie progresses, it becomes apparent that he is harboring an insidious agenda. Mercer makes several unethical choices, including sacrificing crew members to experiment on them, sabotaging crucial systems on the ship, and aligning himself with the Necromorphs to further his research.

As a result of his actions, chaos ensues on the ship and most of the crew members are slaughtered by the Necromorphs. Mercer’s greed for knowledge led to his downfall and ultimate end.

In summary, Chief Science Officer Mercer’s character arc shows how one’s insatiable desire for power can lead to their downfall.

2. Captain Mathius

Captain Mathius was the commanding officer of the USG Ishimura, and his character is portrayed as humble, empathetic, and caring towards his crew members. His main goal was to ensure the safety of his crew and the success of their mission on the ship. However, as the story progresses, he also begins to show signs of vulnerability and emotional instability.

When the situation on the ship becomes too dire, Mathius goes into a state of panic and becomes increasingly paranoid. He makes rash decisions and puts his crew in danger as a result. Ultimately, despite his best efforts, Mathius is unable to save many members of his crew, including himself.

The downfall of Captain Mathius illustrates how even the most level-headed leaders can succumb to fear and paranoia when faced with dire circumstances.

3. Alissa Vincent

Alissa Vincent is one of the main characters in Dead Space Downfall, and she is portrayed as a competent security officer who works hard to protect her crewmates. Despite facing numerous obstacles, she never loses sight of her goal and never gives up.

However, as the story progresses, Alissa begins to experience horrors that begin to weigh heavily on her psyche. She is forced to witness the deaths of several people close to her, including her boyfriend. Her grief and trauma lead her to make mistakes, such as leaving the safety of her group to go on a solo mission.

In the end, Alissa meets her demise at the hands of a Necromorph while trying to complete her mission. The downfall of Alissa’s character serves as a reminder of how trauma and grief can mentally and emotionally break even the strongest of individuals.

4. Dr. Terrence Kyne

Dr. Terrence Kyne is a medical officer aboard the USG Ishimura, and he is depicted as a brilliant scientist and family man. His primary objective throughout the film is to cure his terminally ill wife, who is on board the ship with him. Dr. Kyne’s scientific expertise and knowledge of the Necromorphs proves valuable to the crew as they battle against these alien monsters.

However, as the situation on the ship becomes chaotic, Dr. Kyne begins to lose his grip on reality. He becomes obsessed with finding a cure for his wife at all costs, even if it means sacrificing other crew members. In the end, his obsession leads to his downfall, and he is ultimately killed by his wife, who had transformed into a Necromorph.

The character of Dr. Kyne shows how love and desire can lead one down a dangerous path and ultimately result in their demise.

5. The Survivors

Despite the majority of the crew succumbing to the Necromorph threat, a handful of individuals manage to survive. These characters, Nathan McNeill, Shen, and Ramirez, are shown to be resourceful, determined, and skillful fighters. They work together to try and find a way to escape the ship alive.

However, their strong wills are not enough to protect them from the horrors they face. Nathan is ultimately killed while attempting to save his remaining crewmates, while Shen and Ramirez meet their demise when they are unable to outrun the Necromorphs. Though they fought valiantly, the survivors’ downfall shows how sometimes even the strongest willpower is not enough to overcome dire circumstances.


The characters in Dead Space Downfall are complex and multi-dimensional. Each character’s journey showcases how a variety of factors, including greed, fear, love, trauma, and willpower, can contribute to their downfall. The film serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the importance of maintaining moral values, level-headedness, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Ultimately, Dead Space Downfall’s message is that while we are all vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of the universe, our actions and decisions can ultimately determine our fate.

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