Dead Space Jacob

Summary: Dead Space Jacob is a video game character in the Dead Space series. He first appeared in Dead Space 2 and is a chief engineer aboard the Sprawl space station. Jacob’s character is fleshed out in the game Dead Space Extraction, where we learn about his past and his relationship with fellow character Kendra Daniels. This article will explore Jacob’s role in the Dead Space series, his backstory and motivations, and the impact he has on the overall storyline.

1. Jacob’s Role in Dead Space 2

Jacob is first introduced in Dead Space 2 as a chief engineer on the Sprawl space station. When protagonist Isaac Clarke arrives on the station, Jacob is one of the few surviving members of the crew and becomes an ally to Isaac. Throughout the game, Jacob helps Isaac repair various systems on the ship and provides valuable intel on the ongoing Necromorph outbreak.

Jacob’s engineering skills are put to the test when he helps Isaac repair a damaged tram that they must use to traverse the station. His expertise in mechanics and electronics come in handy many times throughout the game, as he helps Isaac hack security systems and access restricted areas.

2. Jacob’s Backstory and Motivations

Jacob’s backstory is explored in the game Dead Space Extraction, a prequel to Dead Space 2. We learn that Jacob grew up on the mining colony Aegis VII and lost his parents at a young age to a tragic accident. He was then raised by his uncle, who worked as a security officer on the colony.

It’s hinted throughout the game that Jacob has some personal motivations for helping Isaac on the Sprawl beyond simply wanting to survive. It’s later revealed that Jacob’s girlfriend, Kendra Daniels, is part of a shadowy organization known as the Church of Unitology that has ties to the Necromorph outbreak. Jacob helps Isaac stop the Church’s plans and ultimately sacrifices himself to save the others and stop the outbreak.

3. Jacob’s Impact on the Dead Space Series

Despite only appearing in one mainline game, Jacob has a significant impact on the overall storyline of the Dead Space series. His sacrifice at the end of Dead Space 2 paves the way for Isaac to continue fighting against the Church and the Necromorphs in Dead Space 3.

Jacob’s backstory and relationship with Kendra Daniels also shed light on the Church of Unitology and its involvement in the Necromorph outbreak. This information becomes crucial in the later games, as Isaac’s fight against the Church becomes a major plot point.


Dead Space Jacob is an integral character in the Dead Space series. His role as chief engineer and ally to protagonist Isaac Clarke help move the plot forward in Dead Space 2. Additionally, his backstory and motivations provide context for his actions and ultimately lead to his sacrifice. Jacob’s impact on the overall story of the Dead Space series is significant, and his character provides depth and emotional weight to the games he appears in.

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