Dead Space Launch Time

Summary: Dead Space is one of the most beloved survival horror games of all time. It was developed by EA Redwood Shores and originally released on October 14, 2008. In this article, we will discuss the launch time of Dead Space and analyze its impact on the success of the game.

1. The timing of the launch

The timing of the launch of a game can have a significant impact on its success. Ideally, a game should be launched at a time when there is little competition and when gamers are hungry for a new title to play. Dead Space was launched in October 2008, which was a good time for the game to capture the attention of gamers.

In October, the holiday season was still a few months away, so gamers were eagerly looking for new titles to play. Additionally, there weren’t many other big game releases at the time, so Dead Space didn’t have as much competition as it would have if it had been launched at a different time of year.

2. The impact of marketing

An important aspect of launching a game is marketing. If a game isn’t marketed well, it may not get the attention it deserves, even if it’s a great game. In the case of Dead Space, the game was marketed extensively leading up to its release.

EA Redwood Shores created several trailers and gameplay demos that were designed to generate interest in the game. They also partnered with a number of well-known gaming websites and publications to promote the game. As a result, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the launch of Dead Space, which helped drive sales.

3. The impact of positive reviews

Another factor that can impact the launch of a game is the quality of reviews it receives. If a game is well-received by critics and players, it will generate positive word-of-mouth and may even see an increase in sales. Dead Space received overwhelmingly positive reviews when it was released, which helped secure the game’s success.

Many reviewers praised the game’s story, gameplay mechanics, and graphics. Some even called it one of the best survival horror games ever made. Positive reviews from reputable publications like IGN, Gamespot, and Game Informer helped generate even more interest in the game and contributed to its success.


The launch time of a game is an important factor that can impact its success. Dead Space was lucky enough to be launched at a good time and was marketed extensively, which helped generate a buzz around the game. Additionally, the overwhelmingly positive reviews the game received helped drive sales and secure its status as one of the most beloved survival horror games of all time.

When launching a game, it’s important to consider not only timing and marketing but also the quality of the game itself. If a game is well-designed, compelling, and fun to play, it will have a much better chance of succeeding, regardless of when it’s launched.

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