Dead Space Plasma Cutter Upgrade Path

Summary: Dead Space is a popular survival horror game in which players use a variety of weapons to fend off an alien threat. One of the most popular weapons in the game is the plasma cutter, a versatile tool that can be upgraded with various attachments. In this article, we will explore the different upgrade paths available for the plasma cutter and how they can enhance gameplay.

1. Power Nodes

Power Nodes are a valuable resource in Dead Space. They can be used to upgrade weapons, including the plasma cutter. Upgrading the plasma cutter with Power Nodes can increase its damage output, making it more effective against tougher enemies. Players can choose to upgrade specific aspects of the plasma cutter, such as its reload speed or clip size, depending on their playstyle and preferences. As players progress through the game, they can acquire more Power Nodes to continue upgrading their weapons.

It’s important to note that upgrading the plasma cutter isn’t always necessary, especially for players who prefer a more stealthy or defensive approach. However, for players who enjoy a more aggressive style of gameplay, upgrading the plasma cutter can significantly improve their combat capabilities.

In addition to Power Nodes, players can also find Schematics throughout the game that unlock new weapon upgrades. These upgrades typically require a certain amount of Power Nodes and other materials to craft, but can provide significant benefits in combat.

2. Alternate Fire Modes

The plasma cutter has an alternate fire mode that allows players to switch between a horizontal and vertical firing pattern. This can be useful when facing enemies with different weak points or when trying to conserve ammunition. However, players can also find upgrades that further enhance the plasma cutter’s alternate fire modes.

For example, the “Javelin” attachment causes the plasma cutter to fire slower-moving but more powerful shots. The “Line Gun” attachment allows for wider firing patterns, while the “Ripper” attachment creates a buzzsaw-like beam that can slice through enemies. Each of these upgrades comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so players should experiment with different attachments to find the ones that suit their playstyle.

It’s worth noting that some attachments may be more effective in certain situations than others. For example, the Ripper attachment is great for close-range combat, but may not be as useful against enemies that are farther away. Players should consider the environment and enemy types they’ll be facing before choosing an attachment.

3. Ammo Conservation

Ammo conservation is an important aspect of Dead Space gameplay, especially on higher difficulty levels. Upgrading the plasma cutter with ammo conservation upgrades can help players conserve ammunition and avoid running out in the middle of a fight. One such upgrade is the “Energy Saver” which reduces the amount of ammunition used when firing the plasma cutter.

Another way to conserve ammo is to use the plasma cutter’s alternate fire modes effectively. For example, using the horizontal firing pattern against groups of enemies can take down multiple enemies with a single shot. Similarly, players can use the vertical firing pattern to target specific enemy weak points and conserve ammunition.

Finally, players can also invest in upgrades that increase the plasma cutter’s ammo capacity. This can allow players to carry more ammunition and avoid running out during long battles.

4. Stasis Enhancement

In addition to its offensive capabilities, the plasma cutter can also be upgraded to enhance its stasis ability. Stasis is a power that slows down enemies and environmental hazards, allowing players to navigate difficult areas or escape from danger. Upgrading the plasma cutter’s stasis ability can increase its duration and range, making it more effective in combat.

For example, the “Stasis Amplifier” upgrade increases the duration of stasis effects on enemies. The “Stasis Coating” upgrade allows players to coat enemies with stasis energy when they’re struck by the plasma cutter, temporarily slowing them down. These upgrades can significantly enhance the plasma cutter’s utility in combat, allowing players to both attack and defend against enemies.

It’s important to use stasis effectively in combat, especially against tougher enemies or groups of enemies. Slowing down enemies can make them easier to target and take down, or provide an opportunity for players to retreat and reposition themselves.

5. Suit Upgrades

While not strictly an upgrade for the plasma cutter, upgrading the player character’s suit can indirectly enhance the plasma cutter’s combat capabilities. Upgrading the suit can increase the player’s health, armor, air supply, and other important stats. This can come in handy during combat or when exploring more dangerous environments.

Some suit upgrades also provide additional benefits, such as increased ammo capacity or faster weapon reload times. These upgrades can make weapons like the plasma cutter more effective in combat, as players will be able to fire more shots without having to reload as often. Upgrading the suit can also improve the player’s mobility and agility, making it easier to dodge enemy attacks and maneuver around tight spaces.

Overall, upgrading the plasma cutter is a valuable investment for players who want to make the most of their combat abilities in Dead Space. Whether through Power Nodes, alternate fire modes, ammo conservation, stasis enhancement, or suit upgrades, there are multiple upgrade paths available that can enhance the plasma cutter’s potential in combat.


The plasma cutter is one of the most versatile weapons in Dead Space, and upgrading it can significantly enhance players’ combat capabilities. Whether upgrading with Power Nodes, unlocking new attachments, or investing in suit upgrades, there are many upgrade paths available to suit different playstyles and preferences. By understanding the different upgrade options and experimenting with different combinations, players can make the most of their plasma cutter and take on even the toughest enemies.

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