Dead Space Remake Aim Assist

Dead Space Remake Aim Assist: What We Know So Far

Gamers were thrilled to learn in 2020 that a remake of the original Dead Space game is currently in development by Motive Studios. The franchise has been inactive for about a decade, but EA decided to revive it for modern platforms. With improved graphics, enhanced audio quality, and smoother gameplay, fans are definitely excited to dive back into the sci-fi horror universe once again. However, there is one burning question that everybody wants an answer to: Will the Dead Space remake have aim assist?

For those unfamiliar with the term, aim assist is a feature in video games that helps players aim their weapons at enemies. It can be either a passive or an active mechanic, offering various levels of support depending on the game and the mode. Some players love aim assist because it makes the game more accessible and inclusive, while others hate it because it feels like cheating or reduces the skill gap. So, will the Dead Space remake cater to both types of players or ignore one of them?

1. Historical Context

To answer this question, we need to look at the history of the Dead Space series and EA’s past decisions regarding aim assist. The original Dead Space, released in 2008, had no aim assist whatsoever, not even on consoles. Players had to manually aim their weapons with precision and timing, which added to the tension and immersion of the game. The sequels, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, introduced aim assist as an option for console players, but it was disabled by default and had to be enabled in the settings. PC players did not have aim assist in any of the three games.

EA has been a mixed bag when it comes to aim assist in other games. Some of its franchises, such as Battlefield and Titanfall, have strong aim assist features that help players lock onto targets and track them even through heavy gunfire and movement. Other franchises, such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have minimal or no aim assist, relying on more tactical and strategic approaches to combat. Therefore, it’s hard to predict what EA will do for the Dead Space remake.

2. Developer Statements

Fortunately, we do have some official statements from Motive Studios regarding the Dead Space remake and its gameplay mechanics. In a recent interview with IGN, Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola confirmed that the remake will stay faithful to the original game but also modernize its controls and user interface. He specifically mentioned that the aiming and shooting mechanics will be updated to feel more responsive and intuitive, but he did not mention aim assist explicitly.

Another clue comes from a job listing at Motive Studios that seeks a Gameplay Engineer – Weapons who will “work with our Game Designers to implement innovative and compelling weapons, player mechanics, and gameplay systems.” One of the requirements for the role is “Knowledge of aim assistance and target assist features.” This suggests that the Dead Space remake may indeed have aim assist, but it remains unclear how much or in what form.

3. Community Feedback

While we wait for more information from Motive Studios and EA, we can turn to the community and see what they think about aim assist in the Dead Space remake. The opinions are divided, as expected. Some players believe that the inclusion of aim assist would ruin the immersion and challenge of the game, and that Dead Space is not supposed to be a casual or accessible title. They argue that players should adjust their own skills and reflexes to the game’s mechanics, not rely on artificial aids.

Other players argue that aim assist is a necessary feature in today’s gaming landscape, especially for disabled or inexperienced gamers who struggle with precise movements or hand-eye coordination. They also point out that aim assist can be customized or disabled in the settings, so nobody is forced to use it if they don’t want to. Moreover, they argue that the Dead Space remake should not be a carbon copy of the original game, but rather an updated and improved version that appeals to both old and new players.


In conclusion, the question of whether the Dead Space remake will have aim assist remains unanswered for now, but we have some clues and perspectives to consider. The historical context of the series and EA’s past decisions suggest that aim assist may or may not be present, depending on the vision of Motive Studios. The developer has not yet confirmed or denied its inclusion, but has hinted at improvements to the aiming and shooting mechanics. The community is divided on the issue, with some preferring a hardcore and immersive experience and others seeking accessibility and customization. Ultimately, it’s up to Motive Studios and EA to strike a balance between maintaining the essence of Dead Space and embracing modern gaming conventions. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

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