Dead Space Remake All Upgrade Locations

Summary: The Dead Space remake will include all the original upgrade locations that made weapon improvements possible in this game. The game’s developers have certainly paid attention to popular demands and it is sure that there are some new surprises in store too. Fans eagerly await its release.

1. Classic Features

The Dead Space remake is expected to stay true to the classic features present in the original game of 2008, including the upgrade system. As in the original game, players will be able to use Power Nodes to upgrade their weapons with new abilities at specific workbenches located throughout the Ishimura.

Players can expect to find these stations at key points in the game like the Crew Quarters, Medical Bay, and Maintenance Room. While some of the nodes will be quite easy to find and come by thanks to the linear nature of the game, others might require some serious exploring and puzzle-solving skills.

2. Weapon Customization

Not only do players need to find the power nodes to upgrade their weapons, but they also need to keep an eye on the secondary fire function of each new tool. Certain guns and equipment items can be tinkered with to yield maximum results in terms of firepower and efficiency, even altering their range or firing speed in the process.

In this vein of customization, the game developers will undoubtedly introduce new weapon upgrades as well. Fans can expect to see the addition of entirely new functions and modifications which are sure to make facing Necromorphs a lot more interesting while requiring strategy and tactics.

3. Survival Strategies

Improving your weapons is crucial to your survival in Dead Space, as it allows you to explore harder areas and defeat tougher enemies. However, players must not underestimate the importance of upgrading Isaac Clarke’s survival gear as well. Failing to keep basic systems in top shape can turn running from one fight into certain death in another.

Dead Space fans will tell you about the hilarious scenarios they have had to face due to failing to upgrade their air tanks or stasis module, for example. Newbies may have to learn this the hard way but veterans of the game know that upgrading survival gear is just as important as improving their arsenal.


The Dead Space remake is shaping up to be a bone-chilling new addition to the series. While it retains classic features like the upgrade system ans weapon customization, developers have promised some new surprises too. Fans of the original game and newcomers alike eagerly await its release, and they won’t be disappointed by the attention to detail that has gone into recreating it.

One thing is sure though; with the unique gaming environment that Dead Space offers, players will have to always be prepared and on their toes for whatever challenge comes their way.

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