Dead Space Remake All Weapon Upgrades

The Perfect Guide to Dead Space Remake All Weapon Upgrades

Dead Space has long been a favorite video game for fans of the horror genre. This iconic game series is known for its unique story, gameplay, and graphics. Excitement and thrill are two words that summarize the gaming experience of Dead Space perfectly. Recently, the developers of the Dead Space have decided to release its remake version with some new features and enhancements. One of the major attractions of this version is the upgrades to all weapons. If you’re wondering how these upgrades work, this guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough.

1. Identify Upgrade Stations

The basic requirement for upgrading your weapon in the Dead Space remake is to locate the weapon upgrade stations. There are many such upgrade stations available throughout the game, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. They can be easily recognized by the bright blue lights that appear around them. Once you have found one, approach the station and press the action button to activate it.

2. Choose Your Weapon and Upgrade Path

After activating the upgrade station, you will see a list of all the weapons available in the game. Pick the weapon you wish to upgrade and then choose the path you want to take. The upgrade tree includes four different paths, each with its own set of enhancements based on your preferences.

3. Upgrade Types

The four upgrade paths you can choose from in Dead Space remake are Damage, Capacity, Reload, and Speed. Let’s take a closer look at each of these upgrades:

– Damage: As the name suggests, this enhancement is focused on increasing the blast damage of your weapon. A higher level of the upgrade will result in more damage to your enemies.

– Capacity: This upgrade increases the amount of ammunition that your weapon can hold, as well as the number of spare ammo you can carry.

– Reload: This upgrade speeds up the reloading process, allowing you to reload your weapon more quickly and enabling you to continue fighting in no time.

– Speed: This upgrade makes your weapon faster, resulting in quicker and more precise shots, eliminating the chances of any missed opportunities.

4. Upgrade Circuit Boards

To fully upgrade your weapons, you will have to collect various circuit boards scattered all over the game. These circuit boards can also be found inside locked rooms, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. Once collected, you can use these circuit boards to complete upgrades on your selected weapon paths by using them at the upgrade stations.

5. Post-Upgrade Changes

Once you apply any upgrades, they become permanent changes to your weapon. Upgrades not only change your weapons but also affect the gameplay and the enemies you encounter, making the experience unique to each player.


In conclusion, upgrading your weapons in the Dead Space remake allows you to customize your weapon preference based on your playstyle. It creates an even more immersive environment for players by delivering an imaginative gaming experience. By following the simple steps mentioned above, you can easily upgrade your weapons and fight the horrors that await you. Get ready to face some daunting challenges with your newfound upgrades and a steely resolve.

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