Dead Space Remake Bad

Summary: The announcement of the remake of Dead Space, the beloved survival horror game, was met with excitement from fans. However, there are concerns that the new version may not live up to expectations. Here are a few reasons why the Dead Space remake could end up being bad.

1. Changes to the Original Game

The original Dead Space game was praised for its unique gameplay mechanics and disturbing atmosphere. The remake will undoubtedly include changes to graphics and mechanics, but it is unclear if these changes will add to the experience or detract from it. Fans may be wary of significant changes to the storyline, game length, or difficulty settings. The remake’s developers must balance keeping the essence of the original game while updating it for modern audiences.

It is also possible that changes to the gameplay mechanics could make the game easier or feel less like a true survival horror game. The original game forced players to be strategic with ammunition and health packs, adding tension and anxiety while playing. If the remake makes the game too easy or straightforward, it won’t give players the same intense feelings of fear that the original game did.

2. The Influence of Microtransactions

Another concern that fans have for the Dead Space remake is the influence of microtransactions on the game. With the prevalence of microtransactions in modern gaming, players worry that the remake may include them in some form. This could lead to a “pay to win” model, where players who spend real money on in-game items or upgrades have an unfair advantage over others. It could also limit the playability of the game for those who do not want to spend extra money on top of the game’s purchase price.

If the remake does include microtransactions, it could also detract from the immersion and atmosphere of the game. If players must constantly see pop-ups for in-game purchases, it could ruin the tense atmosphere of being alone and struggling to survive in a deserted space station.

3. The Quality of the Remake

The final concern for the Dead Space remake is the quality of the remake itself. Even with the best intentions, sometimes remakes do not live up to expectations. If the developers are unable to update the graphics and gameplay mechanics to modern standards, or if they are unable to recreate the atmosphere of the original game, fans may be disappointed. Additionally, if the game is riddled with bugs or crashes, it will not be an enjoyable experience for players.

It is easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement surrounding remakes, especially when they are for beloved games like Dead Space. However, it is important to remember that not all remakes are created equal. Fans should temper their expectations and wait until more information is released before deciding whether or not to purchase the game.


Ultimately, the success or failure of the Dead Space remake depends on several factors. The developers must balance staying true to the original game while updating it for modern audiences, avoid including microtransactions that could ruin the game’s atmosphere, and create a high-quality game that gives players the same sense of fear and survival as the original. If they can achieve these goals, the Dead Space remake has the potential to be an excellent addition to the survival horror genre. However, if any of these factors are mishandled, the remake could end up being bad. Only time will tell.

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