Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition Suits

Summary: The upcoming digital deluxe edition of the Dead Space remake features exclusive suits that will enhance players’ gaming experience.

1. The Benefits of Wearing the Exclusive Suits

Dead Space is a beloved video game franchise famous for its horror elements and unique in-game mechanics. The upcoming remake ensures that it maintains that legacy while updating the graphics, controls, and overall gameplay mechanics to appeal to a new generation of gamers. One of the exclusive features of the upcoming digital deluxe edition is access to three bonus in-game suits that will provide numerous benefits to players.

The first suit, The Witness, allows players to recover health automatically when they stand still, freeing them up from relying on medkits to restore their health. This suit will prove to be extremely useful during chaotic fight sequences, as it eliminates the need to manually heal. Additionally, the reflective surface of the suit can reflect laser projectiles fired at the player, which will provide an excellent defense against some enemy types.

2. The Unique Abilities of Other Suits

The second suit, The First Responder, offers unique abilities that allow players to manage their resources more efficiently. The suit boosts the player’s stasis and kinesis modules – critical powers that help slow down enemies and manipulate objects, respectively. As a result, players can conserve energy and ammo when using these modules since the suit will not impact the power consumption of these abilities. Moreover, The First Responder suit has an extra inventory slot for ammunition, which can go a long way when your primary weapons are running out of ammo.

The third suit available exclusively to the digital deluxe edition is The Frontier suit, which provides a unique layer of protection against vacuum exposure. Given that some areas in Dead Space are prone to significant amounts of explosive decompression, having this suit equipped can, quite literally, be a lifesaver. The suit’s armor is also more robust than the others, with improved durability that can withstand hostile encounters more effectively.

3. A Potential Drawback of Using the Exclusive Suits

As much as the exclusive suits offer unique advantages, some players may choose not to use them. This choice is because some Dead Space fans prefer to play the game as it was intended: no additional perks or buffs attached. Moreover, some players thrive in-game challenges and the adrenaline rush that comes with barely making it out of a fight alive. And as such, equipping the bonus suits will make those moments less challenging, leading to less satisfaction when you complete those tricky segments. Nevertheless, the suits are entirely optional and can be turned off from within the game’s options menu.

Conclusion: The Perfect Upgrade for Dead Space Fans

The fact that the remake of the originally released Dead Space game is one of the most anticipated gaming releases in 2021 speaks volumes about its impact. As announced, the digital deluxe edition of the game provides players with three exclusive suits to give them a unique experience that will add a new layer of interest to the game. The Witness offers automatic health regeneration, Responder enhances abilities, while Frontier suit improves durability and vacuum resistance. However, players must remember that these suits are entirely optional, so they can always opt-out if they feel that the game’s original difficulty level is much more satisfying without them. Ultimately, the exclusive suits are a small aspect of the Dead Space remake, and it would be best to purchase them available if you are an ardent fan who wants to explore every inch of the game.

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