Dead Space Remake Force Gun Location

Dead Space Remake: Force Gun Location

The much-hyped Dead Space remake is finally hitting the stores this year. The fans have been waiting for over a decade for this game to return, and it’s shaping up to be better than ever before. With revamped graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and updated storyline, the game is set to be a hit among the fans. One of the most intriguing things about the game is the inclusion of several new weapons, one of which is the Force Gun. Let’s dive into the details of the weapon and where you can find it in the game.

1. What is a Force Gun?

The Force Gun, also known as the Javelin Shotgun, is a weapon that uses kinetic energy to deliver damage. This weapon is highly effective against groups of enemies, knocking them back and dealing damage simultaneously. The weapon is suitable for close-range combat scenarios and can knock enemies through doors or environmental hazards.

2. Where Can You Find the Force Gun in the Game?

The Force Gun in Dead Space remake is located in Chapter 5, also known as “Lethal Devotion.” In this chapter, Isaac has to take down the Leviathan and reach the environmental control system to release the toxin that will kill the beast. The room where the Force Gun is located is accessible after defeating the Hunter. The gun is hidden inside a wall-mounted locker which can only be accessed if the player uses Stasis on a nearby panel.

3. Tips for Using the Force Gun

The best way to use the Force Gun is in close-range combat scenarios. When faced with a group of enemies, fire the weapon at the center of the group, and you will instantly knock them back and deal significant damage. You can also use the weapon to knock enemies through doors or environmental hazards. Additionally, with the weapon’s secondary fire mode, you can launch a timed explosive that explodes after a set period, dealing damage to anything nearby.

4. Conclusion:

The Force Gun is an excellent addition to the arsenal of weapons available in Dead Space remake. With its unique ability to deliver kinetic damage and knock enemies back, the weapon is highly effective against groups of enemies. The weapon’s location in Chapter 5 adds an element of exploration to the game, giving players an incentive to discover new areas. Overall, the Force Gun is a fun and exciting addition to the game, and we can’t wait to see what other weapons the game has to offer when it releases later this year.

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