Dead Space Remake Leviathan Fight

Dead Space Remake: The Epic Leviathan Fight

The horror survival game ‘Dead Space’ made its debut in 2008 and to date, it is still a popular game among gamers. As a fan of the game, you will love the news that a remake of the original game has been announced. The game’s graphics and storyline will be improved and it promises to be more exciting than the original version.

One of the most epic moments in the game is the fight with the leviathan. For those who are new to the game, Dead Space is a story about Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who is sent to investigate an abandoned spaceship called Ishimura. The ship is infested by alien-like creatures called Necromorphs, which have taken over the crew members and transformed them into monsters. The leviathan is one of the massive Necromorphs that Isaac meets towards the end of the game.

1. The First Encounter with the Leviathan

As you progress through the game, you will find yourself facing various challenges, including gravitational anomalies and monster attacks. But nothing compares to the excitement and thrill of facing the leviathan. When Isaac first encounters the leviathan, it is hanging from the ceiling, making it impossible for Isaac to get past it. Its tentacles are blocking the door to the next area and so Isaac must battle this giant creature to move on.

The leviathan is not just huge but also very powerful. It can grab Isaac with its tentacles and crush him or throw him around the room like a rag doll. To defeat the leviathan, Isaac must aim at its multiple tentacles and shoot them off one by one, all while avoiding being crushed or thrown.

2. The Second Encounter with the Leviathan

Just when you think you are done with the leviathan, it comes back for a second encounter. This time, it is more challenging and intense. The leviathan now has a new ability – to create shock waves that can push Isaac back or stun him. It also has a shield that makes it harder for Isaac to shoot its tentacles off. In this encounter, Isaac must use his stasis module to slow down the leviathan’s movements, making it easier for him to aim and shoot at its tentacles.

3. The Final Encounter with the Leviathan

The final encounter with the leviathan is the most nerve-wracking. It is also the last battle you face before the game’s conclusion. The leviathan has now evolved even more, and its attacks are deadlier than ever. Isaac is trapped in a room with the leviathan, and he must defeat it to escape.

This time, Isaac has to shoot off each of its multiple layers of armor before he can get to its tentacles. The leviathan also has an attack where it shoots out small Necromorphs from its mouth, adding more challenges to the fight. But when Isaac finally shoots off all of its tentacles, the leviathan falls to the ground in defeat, leaving Isaac victorious.


In conclusion, the leviathan fight in Dead Space is one of the most iconic moments in the game. It is also one of the most challenging fights that players will face in the game. The remake promises to be even more exciting with enhanced graphics and gameplay, making the leviathan fight even more epic than before. Fans of the game cannot wait to see what other exciting changes the Dead Space remake has in store.

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