Dead Space Remake Locator

Summary: Dead Space Remake Locator

1. The Return of Dead Space

2021 sees the return of one of the most iconic horror franchise in video game history, Dead Space. With a remake in play from EA’s Motive Studios, this beloved classic is set to embrace modern gaming elements with a whole new level of intensity. Fans should expect gameplay upgrades and impressive visual changes that will take the game to a whole new level.

Dead Space broke grounds when it was first released in 2008, and it not only blew fans away, but it pushed the standard for all video games to come. The creators, EA Redwood Shores, now known as Visceral Games Studios, brought something special with Dead Space by creating an intense and immersive experience in space, taking players on a horrific journey through the ISHIMURA spaceship.

2. Dead Space Remake Locator

The Dead Space Remake Locator tool was officially launched by EA. It is a valuable resource for keeping up to date on all news concerning the remake such as teasers, trailers, and development updates. This tool is perfect for hardcore fans anticipating the remake release date.

The Locator was designed to keep fans engaged and informed throughout the game’s development, which will continue until 2023, giving ample time for any community feedback to be incorporated into the game’s final version. Furthermore, by using the tool, fans should expect regular updates and unique insights that will further excite onto the upcoming release.

3. Returning Features and New Twists

The Dead Space franchise is returning with a modern twist. Motive Studios, with the backing of Electronic Arts (EA), is determined to retain the nostalgic feel of the original while incorporating innovative elements that will thrill players both new and old.

They’ve confirmed that players will once again experience the Zero-G environments, a crucial element that many fans adored. In addition, Motive Studios promises to introduce new storylines and add changes to gameplay mechanics, as well as characters.


The Dead Space Remake Locator tool is a must-have tool for all fans eager to keep up with the latest updates on the remake’s development and release date. Players’ expectations are set high, and Motive Studios, backed by EA, has the daunting task of delivering a successful modern remake that not only remains loyal to the original but introduces fresh gaming elements that will keep gamers engaged throughout the experience.

EA Motive Studios isn’t just creating a game; they’re bringing an iconic series back from the dead, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it when it releases in 2023.

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