Dead Space Remake Play Time

Summary: The highly-anticipated remake of Dead Space has finally arrived, and fans have been eager to know just how long they can expect to spend immersed in this horror classic. While playtime can vary depending on gameplay style and difficulty level, the average playthrough is estimated to take around 12-15 hours. Let’s take a closer look at what determines playtime in Dead Space Remake.

1. Exploration and Puzzles

One of the defining aspects of Dead Space is its emphasis on exploration, which allows players to uncover secrets hidden throughout the game world. In order to fully explore and complete puzzles, players may need to take their time and hunt down all the clues. This can add a significant amount of playtime to the overall experience. Additionally, in the remake, the developers have added new areas and expanded existing ones, so players may need to exert more effort in exploring the new content.

Moreover, the remake will feature updated puzzles that are more complex than those found in the original game. This means that players may need to put in extra time and effort to solve these challenging puzzles, which can further increase playtime.

2. Difficulty Level

The difficulty level chosen by the player can also significantly impact playtime. For example, playing on easy mode may provide a more streamlined experience with fewer obstacles to overcome. On the other hand, playing on harder difficulties can extend playtime significantly, as players are forced to proceed cautiously and use their resources wisely. Higher difficulties may also require additional grinding and preparation, such as upgrading weapons and armor or farming resources, which can add several hours to overall playtime.

For those seeking an even greater challenge, Dead Space Remake will feature a brand-new hardcore mode, which is expected to be significantly more difficult than the original game. Those brave enough to take on this mode will likely spend several extra hours attempting to reach the end.

3. Speedrunning

While some players may seek to take their time exploring every nook and cranny of Dead Space Remake’s world, others may be more interested in blazing through the game as quickly as possible. In fact, speedrunning has become an increasingly popular way to play games, with players competing to see who can complete a game in the shortest amount of time possible.

For those interested in speedrunning Dead Space Remake, playtime can be significantly reduced. Skilled players have been known to complete the game in under two hours, and even casual players may be able to finish the game in half the average playtime. Of course, this approach requires more skill and experience than simply taking one’s time, so it may not be for everyone.


Overall, the length of playtime in Dead Space Remake will depend on a variety of factors, including a player’s exploration style, puzzle-solving abilities, chosen difficulty level, and interest in speedrunning. However, regardless of the approach players take, they can expect to spend at least 12-15 hours exploring the terrifying depths of the Ishimura. With updated graphics and mechanics, as well as new content to discover, Dead Space Remake promises to be a thrilling horror experience for both fans of the original game and newcomers alike.

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