Dead Space Remake Repack

Summary: Dead Space, which was originally released in 2008, is getting a remake, and it’s expected to be released in late 2022. The game is centered around Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who goes on a mission to repair a mining ship only to find that the crew has been killed by an alien virus that reanimates the dead. The remake is being developed by EA Motive, the same studio behind Star Wars: Squadrons, and it’s said to be built from the ground up with new technology to create a more immersive experience. Along with improved graphics and gameplay, the remake promises to make some changes to the original storyline.

1. Enhanced Graphics and Gameplay

The biggest change in the Dead Space remake will be the enhanced graphics and gameplay. The game will be completely rebuilt with the latest technology to provide players with a more immersive experience. According to EA Motive, they are using the Frostbite engine to build the game from scratch, which means that they have more control over the lighting, textures, and overall look of the game.

Another big change in the gameplay is the addition of dismemberment mechanics, which were not present in the original game. This means that players can now strategically cut off enemy limbs to slow them down or take them out completely. The studio has also promised to improve the zero-gravity sections of the game, making them more fluid and intuitive.

2. Changes to the Original Storyline

The developers have stated that they won’t be making drastic changes to the original story but will be adding new content and improving some of the existing elements. For example, the remake will include a new story event that wasn’t present in the original game. We don’t know exactly what this event will entail, but the developers have promised that it will fit seamlessly into the existing narrative.

Another change in the storyline is the addition of new characters and voice acting. The developers have confirmed that they will be adding new dialogue and backstory to some of the existing characters, which should add more depth to the story. They will also be casting new actors to play these roles, which means that fans can expect a fresh take on the original characters.

3. Improved Accessibility Features

The original Dead Space game was notorious for its difficult gameplay, and some players found it frustrating to complete. The developers have stated that they are taking steps to make the game more accessible to all players while still maintaining the core gameplay mechanics that made the original game so popular.

To achieve this, the remake will include new accessibility features such as a quick save system, a HUD that can be customized to suit individual needs, and an improved inventory management system. The studio has also stated that they are working on making the game’s puzzles easier to understand and solve, which should help players progress through the game without getting stuck.


The Dead Space remake is shaping up to be an exciting release for fans of the horror genre. With enhanced graphics and gameplay, changes to the original storyline, and improved accessibility features, the game promises to be a more immersive experience for both new and old players. It’s still a long wait until the game’s expected release in late 2022, but the anticipation is already building. We’re excited to see how EA Motive will bring this beloved franchise back to life, and we’re looking forward to experiencing the horror and excitement all over again.

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