Dead Space Remake Suits

Summary: The upcoming Dead Space remake has already generated excitement among fans. One of the most anticipated features is the redesign of the game’s iconic suits. In this article, we will examine the new suits from 3 different aspects: their appearance, functionality, and significance to the game’s overall atmosphere.

1. Redesigned Appearance

The Dead Space franchise is known for its gruesome aesthetic, and the suits worn by protagonist Isaac Clarke play a big role in creating this feel. The remake has taken great care to preserve this while updating the designs in subtle ways. These suits not only look sleeker but also more functional. They seem to fit the game’s narrative better and give the audience a sense of dread that only adds to the horror experience.

One significant change is the use of color. While the original game relied heavily on orange tones, there are additional reflective silver and gray colors in the new designs. There’s also been an update to the helmet with a transparent visor instead of the opaque one seen previously. Everything has been done with great attention to detail, and the new suits look both modern and faithful to the source material.

2. Upgraded Functionality

In the Dead Space universe, the suits serve a much more significant purpose than just being cosmetic or armor upgrades. As such, the remake has decided to take the suits’ functionality to the next level while staying loyal to the original vision. We can see from gameplay trailers that these redesigned suits have some new gadgets and abilities.

For instance, one of the suits seems to have the ability to generate shields which could protect the player from incoming damage. The variety of weapons and abilities based around these suits creates depth within the gameplay, adding options for players to customize their experiences even further. Each different suit has a unique design and differing levels of functionality, with each one catering to different play styles.

3. Impact on Atmosphere

Finally, the new suits have a significant impact on the game’s overall atmosphere. The Dead Space franchise is deeply entrenched in horror and suspense, making every detail essential to the experience. The suits, in particular, are a massive part of establishing the feeling of being powerless against the gruesome enemies you will face. The remake has taken great care in crafting a suit that not only looks the part but also makes the player feel weak and vulnerable.

The suits change the way the game feels for the player, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are an integral part of the game’s identity. The remake not only shows respect for the original designs but also provides players with an updated experience that captures the essence of the first game while propelling it into the modern era.


The Dead Space remake is shaping up to be a faithful adaptation of the classic horror game. The redesigned suits show how much care has gone into every aspect of the game’s development. With updated visuals, functionality, and a significant impact on the game’s atmosphere, these suits are a perfect example of how the remake is staying true to the original vision while adding new depth and excitement. We cannot wait to see what other changes are in store for us with this iconic game.

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