Dead Space Series


Dead Space is a science fiction survival horror video game franchise developed by Visceral Games, which is now closed. The series consists of three main games and several spin-offs, including comic books, movies, and novels. The franchise was praised for its unique and terrifying gameplay, immersive environments, and engaging story. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Dead Space Series.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of all the three games in the Dead Space series is centered around survival horror. Players traverse through dark, claustrophobic environments filled with grotesque and deadly creatures. Each game in the series introduces new types of enemies and weapons, challenging the player to adapt to an ever-changing situation. One of the unique features of the series is that players have to dismember their enemies to defeat them, aiming for specific limbs instead of the body. This intricate targeting system makes the combat more strategic and satisfying. Dead Space also employs zero-gravity sections, where players can navigate in three-dimensional space, adding another layer of complexity to the gameplay.

The Storyline

The Dead Space series follows protagonist Isaac Clarke, an engineer who finds himself in increasingly horrifying situations. In the first game, he is sent to a space station named the USG Ishimura to repair its communication systems, only to find that the ship is overrun by the alien race known as Necromorphs. Throughout the series, Isaac becomes entangled in a grand conspiracy involving government authorities and a mysterious alien artifact known as the Marker. The story of the Dead Space series is full of twists and turns, pulling the player deeper into a fascinating yet terrifying plot.

The Reception

The Dead Space series has received critical acclaim, with each main game being positively reviewed. Critics praised the series’ unique take on horror and its immersive atmosphere. The game’s sound design and music were also praised, adding to the overall effectiveness of the horror experience. Fans of the series appreciated the world-building and the attention to detail in the game’s mechanics. However, the later entries in the series faced some criticism for straying too far from its survival horror roots. Despite this, the series remains a highly regarded franchise in the gaming community.


The Dead Space series is remembered as one of the most iconic and ground-breaking horror franchises in video games. Its unique gameplay, immersive atmosphere, and compelling storyline helped to establish the series as a genre staple. The series has garnered a loyal fan base that continues to celebrate its legacy, even after Visceral Games’ closure in 2017. With rumors of a reboot or remaster of the original game swirling, it is clear that Dead Space is a franchise that continues to captivate players years after its debut.


The Dead Space series is an important part of survival horror gaming history. Its emphasis on strategic limb dismemberment, zero-gravity sections, and gripping storyline set it apart from other horror games at the time of release. Although the series may have had its ups and downs, the core Dead Space experience remains a favorite among horror fans. As we look forward to the future of the franchise, we can’t help but appreciate the impact it has had on the gaming community.

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