Dead Space Suit Locations

Dead Space Suit Locations: Where to Find Them

If you are a fan of the Dead Space series, you must know that suits are an essential part of the game, and they offer various benefits. The suit can enhance your health, protect against various hazards, improve weapon damage, etc. Players can enjoy these perks by equipping their characters with different suits through the game. In this article, we will discuss Dead Space suit locations, where to find them, and which one offers the best benefits.

1. Starting Suit

The starting suit is the first suit available to the player. Players get it after completing the first few missions. There is nothing special about this suit as it lacks any unique abilities or bonuses. However, it provides basic protection and is ideal for beginners who are still figuring out the game.

2. Engineering RIG Suit

This suit is available at the start of the game as an optional purchase. Players can buy it from the first store they encounter after completing the prologue mission. The engineering suit provides more armor, more inventory slots, and increased air capacity. All of these add-ons make it a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re planning on exploring vast areas or fighting ferocious enemies.

3. Arctic Survival Suit

This suit is only available in the “Awakened” DLC. Players need to complete the DLC campaign mode to unlock this suit. This suit features nanotech fibers that harden when exposed to extreme cold temperatures. It also comes equipped with built-in stasis capabilities that can slow down or freeze enemies temporarily.

4. Elite Advanced Suit

The Elite Advanced Suit is arguably the best suit available in the game. However, it’s also the hardest to find. Players can only purchase it from the first planet of the game, after completing all ten optional missions on that planet. The suit provides extra armor, twelve inventory slots, and a 15% increase in weapon damage. This increase in weapon damage can make a big difference in battle, as players can take down enemies faster and with less ammo.

5. Riot Security Suit

The Riot Security Suit is available for purchase from the store in Chapter 11 after completing the main story. This suit offers a unique feature – a kinetic module. When the player is hit by an enemy, the kinetic module signals the suit to release a burst of energy that will knock the attacker back. It also provides additional protection against explosions and other hazards.


Each Dead Space game provides players with different suits, each with its unique abilities and bonuses. The suits’ availability and the additional features they provide are mainly dependent on the game’s level and the player’s progress. Players should keep in mind that not all suits offer the same perks, and some are harder to obtain than others. Ultimately, Dead Space suit locations offer an exciting reward system that motivates players to complete challenging levels and enhances their overall gaming experience.

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