Dead Space Tau Volantis Aliens

Summary: Dead Space is a popular science fiction horror video game series known for its unique alien creatures and their disturbing origin stories. Among the various extraterrestrial species in the series, the Tau Volantis aliens stand out for their mysterious nature and eerie appearance.

1. The Origin of the Tau Volantis Aliens

The Tau Volantis aliens were first encountered in the third installment of the Dead Space series, which takes place on an icy planetoid called Tau Volantis. According to the game’s lore, these aliens were a parasitic race that lived inside a giant living organism beneath the planet’s surface.

However, when a group of humans attempted to study the organism, they accidentally released a mysterious alien marker, which caused the parasitic aliens to mutate into monstrous abominations. These creatures, known as the Necromorphs, went on to wreak havoc across the planet and beyond, eventually becoming one of the deadliest threats to humanity in the series.

2. The Appearance and Abilities of the Tau Volantis Aliens

The Tau Volantis aliens are some of the most unsettling creatures in the Dead Space universe, with twisted, elongated limbs, sharp claws, and gaping maws filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth. They move quickly and fluidly, making them difficult to hit with conventional weapons, and some variants also have the ability to charge or launch projectiles at their targets.

Perhaps most disturbingly, the Tau Volantis aliens also have the ability to infect and transform other living beings into Necromorphs, creating an unending cycle of violence and infection that can quickly spiral out of control. This makes them even more dangerous and unsettling to encounter, especially given their mysterious origins and the unknown extent of their abilities.

3. The Significance of the Tau Volantis Aliens in the Dead Space Series

The Tau Volantis aliens represent one of the key turning points in the Dead Space series, as they are instrumental in causing the spread of the Necromorph outbreak that threatens to wipe out all of humanity. They also provide a unique and disturbing glimpse into the nature of extraterrestrial life in the Dead Space universe, hinting at the potential for even more sinister and dangerous creatures beyond human understanding.

Furthermore, the Tau Volantis aliens also feature prominently in the backstory and lore of the series, with several plot threads revolving around their origins and role in the larger narrative. This gives them a significant impact on the overall worldbuilding and storytelling of Dead Space, making them a memorable and iconic aspect of the series as a whole.


The Tau Volantis aliens are some of the most intriguing and terrifying creatures in the Dead Space universe, representing a horrifying combination of parasitic infection, extraterrestrial mutation, and technological manipulation. Their mysterious origins and eerie abilities make them a key part of the series’ worldbuilding and storytelling, adding depth and complexity to the overarching plot and themes of the franchise. Whether players encounter them in the games or delve deeper into the lore and backstory of Dead Space, the Tau Volantis aliens are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone brave enough to face them.

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