Dead Space Walkthrough Chapter 7

Summary: This article is a detailed guide to chapter 7 of the Dead Space video game. Chapter 7, called “Into the Void,” follows Isaac Clarke as he navigates through a variety of new environments and battles against increasingly difficult enemies. This guide aims to provide players with tips and tricks for successfully completing this chapter.

1. Entering the Ishimura

Chapter 7 begins with Isaac entering the Ishimura, a derelict spaceship that serves as the primary setting for the game. The first thing players should do upon entering the Ishimura is to look for the Save Station. Once saved, players can then explore their surroundings to locate any available upgrades and ammunition. The Ishimura is home to a number of essential items, including Power Nodes, which can be used to upgrade Isaac’s suit and weapons, and Audio Logs, which provide additional backstory to the game’s plot.

As players navigate through the early stages of Chapter 7, they will also encounter a variety of new enemies, including the Stalkers and the Brute. Players should take the time to study each enemy type’s behavior and weaknesses to develop effective strategies for combat.

Finally, as players proceed deeper into the Ishimura, they should be on the lookout for any environmental hazards, such as leaking gas pipes or malfunctioning machinery. Avoiding these hazards is key to making it through the chapter alive.

2. The Vacuum of Space

As the chapter progresses, players will need to venture out of the Ishimura and into the vacuum of space. While in these areas, players must manage their oxygen levels carefully to avoid suffocating. It’s important to keep an eye out for oxygen refill stations and plan each move accordingly.

In addition to managing their oxygen levels, players must also contend with a new set of environmental hazards, including debris and asteroids flying through space. To avoid these hazards, players should use the stasis ability to slow down time and create a path to safety.

As with previous chapters, Chapter 7 also features a variety of puzzles that players will need to solve to progress. These puzzles often involve manipulating gravity to navigate through difficult terrain or reach inaccessible areas. Players should take their time when solving these puzzles and make use of any available resources.

3. Confronting the Leviathan

One of the major challenges players will face in Chapter 7 is the Leviathan, a massive creature that players must defeat to progress. The Leviathan features a variety of different attacks, including slamming its tentacles into the ground and firing projectiles at the player.

To defeat the Leviathan, players should focus on attacking its weak points, which are located on its tentacles and mouth. Players should use a combination of weapons, such as the line gun and pulse rifle, to deal damage to the creature. Additionally, players can use stasis to slow down the Leviathan and create openings for more powerful attacks.

Once the Leviathan has been defeated, players can continue on to the next section of the chapter, which involves navigating through a series of zero-gravity segments while being pursued by additional enemies.

4. Surviving the Final Battle

The final stage of Chapter 7 is a prolonged battle against a variety of enemies, including Necromorphs and human enemies. Players must use all of their skills and resources to survive this onslaught and emerge victorious.

To succeed in this final battle, players should prioritize staying mobile and evading incoming attacks. It’s important to make use of cover and to keep moving to avoid being surrounded. Players should also make use of powerful weapons, such as the plasma cutter and the force gun, to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Finally, players should be sure to keep an eye out for any enemy weak points and plan their attacks accordingly. With careful planning and effective use of available resources, players can emerge from Chapter 7 victorious.


Chapter 7 of Dead Space is a challenging and exciting section of the game that players must overcome to progress to later stages. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, players can successfully navigate through the chapter and emerge victorious. Remember to prioritize resource management, develop effective combat strategies, and pay close attention to environmental hazards and enemy behavior to succeed in this challenging section of the game.

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