Destiny 2 Battlegrounds

Summary: Destiny 2 Battlegrounds is an exciting new addition to the game, offering players a chance to battle it out in diverse and challenging arenas. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Battlegrounds so special and why it’s quickly become a fan-favorite mode of play.

1. The Concept of Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is a brand new mode of play in Destiny 2 that got introduced with Season of the Chosen. This player-versus-environment mode brings four-player fireteams together to fight off waves of enemies across three unique battlegrounds. As they progress through the activity players gain access to power-ups and other bonuses that help them stand up against some of the toughest enemies in the game.

The battlegrounds are home to a variety of deadly foes, each with a different fighting style and set of attacks. Players must work together to figure out how best to fight back against these threats and achieve their goal of cleaning out a given area. Failures lead to restarting the entire battleground, making it critical to learn from mistakes and apply that knowledge to the next attempt.

Battlegrounds aims to offer a unique gaming experience for players who enjoy collaborative play and tackling tough, strategic challenges. It’s a fantastic mode that provides something new and exciting for players who have already spent countless hours in the game.

2. Challenges and Rewards in Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds offers its own set of exclusive challenges and rewards that make it more than worth the effort. Players can complete certain objectives to earn powerful gear and weapons that are not available anywhere else, including the legendary Eye of Sol sniper rifle and the Code Duello sword.

While earning these rewards requires some serious effort, the challenges themselves add an extra level of excitement and depth to the game. They push players to work together to overcome difficult obstacles, often forcing fireteams to develop new strategies and approaches to finishing the battleground. As they progress through the playlists, players are also provided with additional opportunities for customization to help tailor their experience even more.

With so much on offer, it’s not surprising that Battlegrounds is already one of the hottest modes in Destiny 2. Players are finding themselves hooked by its challenges, varied gameplay, and environment design, making it a clear contender for the one of the best original modes of play.

3. A Range of Environments to Explore

Battlegrounds take players on a journey across different worlds and terrains, presenting awe-inspiring environments that are the perfect backdrop for quick-paced combat scenarios. Some battlegrounds are set in familiar parts of existing locations, while others stand entirely on their own as brand new spaces to explore. From the frozen tundras of Europa to the lush jungles of Nessus, every area has a unique feel, look, and challenges to offer.

The battlegrounds also fail to shy away from showing players a bit of chaos. Explosions and grenades are everywhere, and beyond that, there’s always the danger of Swarms of enemies, each trying to diminish your chances of survival. The way that these maps change between different phases of play and objectives provides a new layer of tactical play as well.

All in all, the variety of environments makes Battlegrounds one of the most diverse and engaging modes of play in Destiny 2.

4. Build Diversity Takes Importance

Battlegrounds require players to build a strategy and work well with their team. To do this, Guardians will need to focus on their abilities, class selection, consumable use and armor selection. Because of this, players have to spend some time researching new tactics, weapons, and gear to develop their unique approaches to engagements.

This focus on build diversity presents players with new opportunities to customize their characters to prefered playstyle, but it also offers a challenge that veterans will enjoy and rookies will learn to appreciate. To be able to defeat different foes, players will have to have loadouts for their armor and weapons that vary between battlegrounds and even specific areas within them.

With so much detail required in terms of player build creation, it’s clear that Battlegrounds is geared mostly towards the most dedicated Destiny 2 players, as they have an in-depth understanding of the game mechanics. For those willing to put in the time and effort, the payoff can be huge.

5. The Social Aspect of Battlegrounds

Destiny 2 is well known for having strong social components and allowing players to team up to take on the game’s biggest challenges. Battlegrounds extend this by providing another mode of engagement with a group of players. It allows for even more fostered social aspects and uncharted experiences through various possibilities presented by PvE mode.

Battlegrounds require close collaboration and communication between the fireteams, which leads to stronger bonds between them than exist only in activities such as Trials or Raids. There is a real sense of unity, as everyone works together to reach the same goal and succeed together.

Players who are looking for another way to immerse themselves in the Destiny 2 community will find Battlegrounds offer not only a fun way to tackle challenging content, but a way to meet new friends too. These new friends may become integral to your play experience and influence the way tactics are approached too.


Destiny 2’s Battlegrounds is an excellent experience for players who enjoy tackling difficult, collaborative challenges. Offering both rewards and an opportunity to work with others towards a common objective, it’s a strong contender for one of the most engaging modes within the game now.

The diversity of environments, focus on player build and the social aspect of play are all key factors that make Battlegrounds so special and unique. For those who have not tried it yet, it’s certainly worth giving it a go and experiencing the excitement of this mode first hand.

Overall, Battlegrounds shows that there’s still plenty of life in Destiny 2, and it’s no surprise that this mode has already become so popular with the fanbase; given it’s versatility is unmatched by many games.

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