Diabla Anuel

Summary: Diabla Anuel is a popular Latin trap song co-created by Anuel AA and Ozuna. Released in 2018, the song has gained massive popularity across Latin America and beyond. The song talks about an intense, passionate relationship between two partners, who seem to be intensely drawn towards each other despite their tumultuous history. Featuring intensely catchy hooks and powerful rap verses from both Anuel AA and Ozuna, the song has become one of the most beloved tracks in the Latin trap genre.

1. The Origin of Diabla Anuel

Diabla Anuel is one of the most successful collaboration efforts between Anuel AA and Ozuna, two prominent Latin trap artists who have dominated this music genre over the past few years. Anuel AA first came on the scene with his debut album, Real Hasta La Muerte, which helped him earn thousands of fans across Latin America and the United States. Meanwhile, Ozuna became a hit after releasing his debut single “Si No Te Quiere”, which became a viral sensation on social media.

The collaboration between these two Latin trap stars was highly anticipated, with fans eagerly waiting for news on their upcoming collaboration. In February 2018, the duo announced that they were working on a new track called Diabla Anuel. The announcement was met with great enthusiasm from their fans, who eagerly awaited the release of the track.

When the song was finally released in March 2018, it quickly captured the attention of Latin trap fans worldwide. The song became an instant hit, garnering millions of views in just a few days.

2. The Meaning Behind the Song

Diabla Anuel tells the story of a fiery, tumultuous relationship between two people who are irresistibly drawn towards each other despite the numerous challenges they face. The song’s lyrics are a testament to the intensity of their attraction – even though they have a history of fighting and negative experiences, they cannot help but be drawn into each other’s arms again and again.

The song is filled with powerful verses from both Anuel AA and Ozuna, who describe their intense emotions with deep honesty and vulnerability. Anuel AA’s verses are especially moving, as they describe his conflicting emotions of love and frustration towards his partner, whom he refers to as his “diabla” (devil).

Ozuna’s contributions to the song are equally powerful, as he describes the intensity of their volatile relationship. His lyrics serve as a counterpoint to Anuel AA’s verses, offering a glimpse into the other side of their partnership.

3. The Success of the Song

Diabla Anuel quickly became a massive hit across Latin America and beyond. The song’s catchy hooks and powerful rap verses ensured that it remained on top of the charts for several months after its release. It was especially popular in Puerto Rico, where Anuel AA and Ozuna hail from, and soon became one of the most played songs on Latin American radio stations.

In addition to being a commercial success, Diabla Anuel also received critical acclaim for its poignant lyrics and powerful production. Many critics praised the song’s poignant imagery and honest portrayal of a tumultuous relationship, and it has since become one of the most beloved tracks in the Latin trap genre.

The song’s popularity has also helped launch Anuel AA and Ozuna’s careers even further, with both artists now considered key figures in the Latin trap scene.


Diabla Anuel is a testament to the enduring power of Latin trap and the intense emotions that it can evoke. This powerful collaboration between Anuel AA and Ozuna has become one of the most-beloved tracks in the Latin trap genre, enchanting millions of fans across Latin America and beyond with its catchy hooks and poignant lyrics. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Latin trap or just discovering it for the first time, Diabla Anuel is a must-listen track that will leave a deep impression on your heart and soul.

So what do you think of Diabla Anuel? Do you agree that it is one of the most beloved tracks in the Latin trap genre? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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