Diablo 3 Bounty Cache

Summary: In Diablo 3, bounty caches are rewards for completing bounties in Adventure mode. They contain a variety of loot, including crafting materials, gems, and legendary items. Here are five things you need to know about bounty caches.

1. What Are Bounty Caches?

Bounty caches are rewards for completing bounties in Adventure mode. To access bounties, players must complete Act V of the campaign mode. Once that is done, they can use the map in Adventure mode to view available bounties in each act and region. Bounties range from killing a certain number of monsters to clearing out a dungeon, and completing them earns players gold, experience, and rift keystones. Once all bounties in an act have been completed, players are rewarded with a bounty cache for that act.

Each bounty cache contains a random assortment of loot, including gold, crafting materials, gems, and at least one legendary item. The quality of the loot varies based on the difficulty level of the bounties completed – higher difficulties yield better loot.

2. How Do You Collect Bounty Caches?

Collecting bounty caches is easy – simply return to Tyrael in the town hub after completing all bounties in an act. Tyrael will give the player a choice of which bounty cache to open, and the contents will be added to the player’s inventory. Players can open as many bounty caches as they have earned and can do so at any time.

It’s worth noting that players should not leave the game or log out before collecting their bounty caches – doing so will cause them to disappear. However, players can collect bounty caches from previous acts even if they have already started bounties in a new act, so there’s no need to rush through all bounties at once.

3. What Are the Benefits of Bounty Caches?

Bounty caches offer several benefits for players. First, they provide a quick and easy way to earn gold and experience. They also offer a chance to collect crafting materials and gems that are needed to upgrade equipment. Finally, bounty caches are a great way to farm for legendary items, many of which can only be found in specific acts or regions.

Players looking to obtain specific legendary items should pay attention to which act or region offers the best chance to find them. Certain items only drop from bounty caches obtained in that area, so it’s important to know where to focus one’s efforts.


In conclusion, bounty caches are a valuable resource for Diablo 3 players. They offer a range of loot, including gold, materials, gems, and legendary items, and are easy to collect once all bounties in an act have been completed. By focusing on specific acts or regions, players can increase their chances of obtaining the items they need to upgrade their equipment and improve their gameplay.

Whether you’re looking to farm for loot or simply enjoy the challenge of completing bounties, bounty caches are a great way to make the most of your time in Diablo 3’s Adventure mode.

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