Diablo Challenge At Arby’s

Summary: Arby’s, a fast-food chain opened up an outrage among Diablo gamers by announcing the limited time event coined the “Diablo Challenge.”

1. The Diablo Challenge

Arby’s, known for their meaty sandwiches and curly fries, decided to cash in on video game hype and released a limited time event named after Blizzard Entertainment’s popular RPG, Diablo. Customers had to order their food in “hellfire” style, which meant it would be slathered with a blazing hot sauce made from ghost peppers.

The challenge was simple: eat the sandwich, fries, and a milkshake without any additional drinks or food in thirty minutes or less. Those who succeeded were awarded a Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

2. Customer Backlash

However, not everyone was thrilled about the promotion. Fans of Diablo expressed their discontent over social media platforms, feeling that the challenge was disrespectful to the franchise and its community. Many felt that Arby’s was using the name recognition to their advantage and not doing anything meaningful for the gamers.

In response to the criticism, Jay Johnson, the senior vice president of Arby’s brand marketing said, “We created ‘The Diablo Challenge’ as a fun way to engage with our guests and celebrate the upcoming launch of Blizzard’s highly anticipated game. We sincerely apologize to those who felt the promotion missed the mark in representing the Diablo franchise or fans.”

3. The Outcome

Despite the negative reception, some gamers attempted the challenge and even managed to complete it. A few even expressed their delight about the promotion, finding it amusing and enjoyable. Others praised Arby’s apology and appreciated them listening to the fan base voiced concerns.

Overall, “The Diablo Challenge” may have caused a controversy initially, but it did attract attention to the franchise, and Arby’s eventually made amends for those who were unhappy with the promotion. It showcased how video game culture is becoming mainstream and how companies are tapping into that area as well.


The Diablo Challenge, a time-limited event at Arby’s fast-food chain, became a topic of controversy for the Diablo gaming community. While some found the promotion amusing, many found it disrespectful to the franchise. Arby’s eventually apologized and made amends for the fans who felt offended. This event shows how video game culture is becoming more widespread and shows an increase in businesses utilizing it for promotions.

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